Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Neko goes Veggie - Madras New Woodlands

Ah the rare chance to eat vegetarian! I heard a lot about this vegetarian place from my staff - they say it is best around Brickfields. So i eagerly bugged FF and TC to go the next day! Besides on that night, NY was taking us to a Korean restaurant. NY = LOTS Of MEAT. So it was also good to "clear" the system before busting it with tonnes of meat.

Though Brickfields is filled with indian vegeterian restaurants - i s
eldom step foot into this places mainly due to the heat. When staff told me "it's aircon, boss" - i went "OoOoH"

So, after crossing to OneSentral, [ i tot i spotted the this blogger] we strolled across the large road. The fates were kind to us as there was not a lot cars zipping by!. Madras is situated on top of the row of shops facing 1Sentral.

While waiting for my food- i was bored....... so decided to take pics of the main road..

Oiy... ini dua kereta kena saman - these 2 car got towed away by JPJ later!! o_O

I was in one of those mood - where i simply decide to order on the menu without really thinking what it was. Sometimes i get hits, sometimes i get misses. Today we got hits! Most of our choices turn out to be pretty darn fantastic!

The above choice is a pappadam with lots of fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, lots of onions, cucumber coated with some kind of sourish sauce and placed on this quite large pappadam. It's like indian pizza but vegetarian flavored. Verdict: Very good! By th
e way... that one starter only ah....

Next, the main meals came- All of us ordered this Onion Rawa Thosai. As it name says, it is filled with finely chopped onions and comes with the dips(? sauce? ) below.

But we thinks that the Thosai is made tastier by dipping it in the sauces of our Paleek Paneer and a mushroom dish we do not know what it is called.

I have to declare - this is the BEST PLACE to have paleek paneer. It is in the foreground by the way. The sauce goes so well with the Thosai. The non vegetarian one, the white cubes in the green mesh is actually goat's cheese but in this case i think they used tofu - or something that had the texture of tofu. In any case, it was an awesome dish!

The mushroom dish was also quite tasty and we polished the lot up!

Some things i have learned after finding this gem of a place:
* Sentral DOES have nice food!!
* It's so darn healthy to eat this
* Reasonably priced - don't have to cut of your arm to eat here.

I lup it!!Can't wait to er... force other people to go with me! hehehehe....

Restaurant Madras New Woodlands, (It's upstairs - you will miss it if you blink-obscure by other signs),
Jalan Travers

Or you can visit their other branch in bangsar.


  1. OneSentral? Where in the world is this?

  2. Oh, I didn't know there was a New Woodlands in Brickfields. Thanks for the tip! Maybe we'll bump into each other there hor.

  3. I know where's OneSentral but I don't recall anywhere look like in the picture from OneSentral.

    I'm lost. Directions please?

  4. Bacterium: Hmm.. 1Sentral is next to Plaza Sentral 1A- Where PWC is.... Does that help.

    LL:Hehehe... i will look out for you... We can do lunch!



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