Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The Bak Kut Teh nOObs

A rather puzzled owner looking at me

I think Walking Contradiction and I maybe considered BKT nOObs... Serious... We didn't know there are rules to eating BKT .... oR so NY thinks /:)

Last friday was one of my days @ our TPM office. The day before - i met up with KM, someone i worked closely in my last project. It
was ages since we caught up and it was decided that we should revisit our lovely dry BKT in Puchong!! We were excited. In fact we were down right a bit rude where were talking abit excitedly on this in front my malay colleague. Bless her soul, she just let us go on and on with a grin and say " what ever makes u all happy " . Mental note to self: Please do not get so excited where pork is involved.. Think of others. Pork gets the better of me.

So i smsed NY, roped in Walking Contradiction, got
my staff in, got KM's team in and we all droved to Puchong to have BKT. This is the place where i say i can't remember the name of the BKT stall. Armed with Camera today - i was like wah happy happy can take more pictures..

KM quickly did the ordering for the 8 of us and we were starved. The smell of the BKT soup wafting out was just too much..

Btw.. there is not much FOOD photos because once the food came, as usual everyone attacked it like great white sharks. There were like 7 sharks i think including myself.

Rule #1: Always wash your eating utensils- brings out the flavor in the BKT soup.
The waiter brought all the utensils for BKT, chopsticks, bowls, little sauce plates and what not right in front of me, so i proceed to start handing them out.. NY frantically said "NO"... Me: Eh?

NY: You must wash?
Me: Eh, wash what?? Should be clean what...

NY: No, no , you need to wash....

At that point, KM got up and proceed to wash all the utensils. The Men's theory is that the bowl and utensils must be clean ... to enjoy the true flavor of BKT....

Me: -_-"

And here is a picture to proof that it takes 4 guys to wash the utensils. Obviously we women don't do it well enough.. AHEM. ... i think that we are smarter letting them do the work!

Rule #2: NEVER DIP YOUR YCK in the big pot of BKT.

When our lovely soup based BKT came- all of us proceeded to pour our stuff into our own bowls. NY proceed to order for extra bowls of soups. I went (*~*)?

Apparently it is considered impolite to dip your YCK to the common pot of BKT. Also, the main bowl gets all the Oil from the YCK if you keep dipping it in. Fair Enough that point. Dip, then swish, swish.. hehehe. Well we were given small empty bowls.

Comment: seems NY's wife complains that he is also a bit over the top with this family on this same matter as well.

Rule #3: You must drown your chilli and garlic in heaps of dark sauce.

Ok i can't explain this rule. I did not abide by it. BKT to me is eaten without any adornments as it is already tasty enough. It is NY rule only.

Ah... the must have in any BKT. I like the fact this guy probably made his own YCK. It's not soggy like the one in Chao Zhou in Subang. They are also quite generous on their plates of YCK. You can ask for refill if you are out

Rule #4: Bkt dry or soup version must always be eaten with white rice not yam rice. Spoils the taste.

Hmm i concur with this one. Zheng Jia serves good yam rice as part of their menu. Normally everyone comes here must take yam rice because it a
ctually tastes pretty good. I for one prefer the white rice as you can get to savor the soup and sauce.... Or in my case, drown my rice in soup.

Pics of my colleagues digging into the BKT - See the big bowl of enoki on the right? Yums..... The people in the fore ground are having their yam rice.

Sigh.... it was superbly good lunch with great company... :) NY is quite clear the n00bs will not be participating in any utensil washing until we graduate to beginner. If anyone knows of other rules we must follow, by all means drop me a comment.

Restaurant Zheng Jia
Jalan Kenari 21,
Taman Perindustrian Puchong.


  1. hahahahaha, yam rice is soooo good..:D

  2. what an amusing writeup. Thanks for the tips. ;-) I'm one of those guilty of drowning my YCK in the main bowl of soup. :-P

  3. joyce: i know... hehehe instant stress reliever

    LL: hehe - me too. But i dun care - as long as my colleague is not there i will be drowning my YCK!

  4. This one was not bad also

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