Thursday, 18 October 2007


I wish there is such a word in english but it basically means.... no mood. Still catching up with work that has piled and i prefer to blog, do up my pictures etc, etc, etc.... Then my boss tells me i need to go to Hong Kong for a conference next week.. eh? much as i like the honor and the ability to travel a bit more but what about my projects?? :( .....

Anyway- second round of food pictures coming up from Europe - soon. Also.. i went to ninja jones today *throws shuriken" at readers... Wah... i am amused by a restaurant. Pictures later. This is not a food blog post just a complain post. If there is ever such a thing.


  1. How I wish I can have a job that requires me to travel once in a while! Grrr... :(

    Had a bad experience at Ninja Jones? Heard a lot of good things bout them though.

  2. I wouldn't mind an overseas trip ... even interstate would be good! :P I've been working late and some weekends, now - quite tired! :P

  3. tankiasu: yeah i wished it for awhile only the timing not good. Ninja jones?? Good! i find the restaurant super entertaining. later i post post.

    amelyn: me too............ :( i feel like just being a tea-lady.



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