Monday, 15 October 2007

Interesting Food & Sights in Europe-Part 1

I thought i will pick up some interesting food photos i took while in Europe. Though i cannot taste all the food there, that was to offer, but taking photos are second best. My next trip there, i think i will just go for the food not the sight seeing.


In Vienna, i didn't pick out any interesting food s
talls around there but when i was in Graz(3rd biggest city in Austria) onwards, things started to pick up..... Btw, i heard mr terminator's hometown is in Graz.

I saw a lot of these side stalls along the roads of Graz. It's autumn in europe and ch
estnuts are a plenty here. I can literally say this dude is roasting chestnuts on an open fire.
He's trying hard not to grin here. I am not sure how they roast it here but it's not the same way that is done in KL, in a wok of heated... er stuff. Here it is surprisingly clean. (See pic 2)
Picture 1
Picture 2

Picture 3

You can buy this for 2Euro's for 1/4 a kg. After counting that, it comes up to about 15-20 chestnuts. I initially bugged dad to get some for me but after counting, it was a bit pricey to spend. Nevertheless, with the smell of chestnuts roasting in all the shops ... it definitely feels like autumn.

The fresh produce here is sold in supermarkets as well as side shops all over graz and they make wonderful opportunity to take photos because they add a lot of color and just looks so beautiful.The people in graz do not mind you taking photos of their shop, but don't try it in Prague. Someone tried to charge me for taking pictures of her strawberries. >:( ... how rude.....

While in Europe, we also discovered a vegetable or herb ( not sure which on
e ) which has a mustardy taste when you bite into it. It is heavily used in most of the salads we ate in Europe. Tried to find it here but got confuse with the variety's here. Darn- should have taken a photo :(.


Ahhhhhh........... food gets better in Salzburg and prettier :) Though Austria is pretty land locked, they seem to have a large variety of seafood. Nordsee is a seafood shop that sells seafood fresh and prepared as easy to go meals.

Their shop window display got everyone in my tour group starring at their window for a good 10 minutes.. just to drool.
These are prepared sandwiches made out of seafood, which you can purchase and eat. It comes in wraps, bagels and loaves with lots of salad and filling.

Friends coming over for dinner? Not sure what to cook? Make some quick salads from seafood. Or you can turn it to whatever dish you want back home. All are charged by the grams you buy.
I love this shot of the lobsters already pre-cooked. Some how the window's light film of water added to this misty look of the crustaceans. At this point, i wanted to buy some back >_<>

Ok, that's all for now.... will continue tomorrow with part two. In the mean time, please stare lovingly at those large crustaceans.


  1. Wow, all the pictures look fantastic, thanks for sharing them! Looking forward for more photos. I feel like traveling to Europe too!

  2. What lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  3. SugarBean: Yeah, will be posting more pics later. :)
    LL: Thanks! R u back from the hols as well?

  4. Yes, I'm back too. We can compare notes, hor. :-)



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