Friday, 31 August 2007

Top Wok -Taman Ipoh Boulevard

To be super patriotic today, i tot i will blog about food in my home town. Nah, i am not posting in ipoh, i don't like to travel in the rush.. Though, dad did, to keep gran company while aunt is in a church retreat. Knowing him, he smsed me that he was at my favorite noodle shop in ipoh ... *Grrr*
Interior of Top Work

Back to the topic. Top Work is old pics but never blogged before. This was about last month, when i went back to Ipoh. It's one of the family's favorite place to eat. Gramps, when he was alive, loved the restaurant. It served simple Chinese food, with simple prices and has that family feel restaurant. Top of it all.... GOT AIR CON :) *grinz* [that would be my favorite]

Now, one of the speciality of this place is the umbra drink. I am not sure what fruit it is but it is probably the best i have tasted. It's made fresh, when you order it. The texture of the drink is not smooth but it is the taste that is the killer. If you are tired or need a pick me up, just drink one of these. *Yummy* Lil Bro, had 2 of these. Even dad, not a fan of sour stuff , ordered this. ( me is suprised )
Umbra Juice

So first up, we ordered Yam and Pork slices. I can't remember the chinese name for this. It's gran's favorite dish. Well, it's my dad and mine's too. *BLUSH* Pork is something i seldom order in Chinese restaurants, cos mom is "anti"-fat person. However, she was ok today, so we gleefully ordered. My maternal grandma could really cook this well. Brings back a lot of fond memories where my cousins and myself used to love picking on this dish. Top work does it well. I love the way the yam was tender and not hard. Mom thinks there was a bit of pork smell but... i really could not tell. It was just tender and the pork just had enough flavor :) I can imagine one or two persons just drooling by this picture.

Yam and Pork slices

Greens that shall not be named

To balance off the pork, we had greens. I think this is er.. a veggie. Of sorts. Help me out here someone.... I know it is cooked with garlic and i detect ikan bilis in the broth. Yummy. We walloped this. There was a fish dish which i didn't take. Forgot (^_^)

Taufoo is always a big fav with the family - except grandma. But we still ordered as grandma was more interested in the fish.
Sizzling taufoo with egg

I love this dish. Ipoh is the best place to get taufoo. Some how or rather, it tastes much better. It's cooked on a sizzling plate, with shredded scallops and egg sizzling right at the bottom. Good to eat with the rice. I like the crunchy sides of the taufoo. Ok, am starting to drool thinking about this.

Sigh... so full after that. Mom warned me not to stuff myself as i have a tendency to get indigestion after lunch by just sitting down... Larkee dun have :P

The lunch came up to about 80 bucks for 5 persons. There was a fish remember. Which is pretty cheap i tot. Top Work is not easy to access if you are not familiar with Ipoh. However hope the shot of the address helps. EHEHEHE it's actually taken from the serviette.

Location, location, location

Give it a try if you are around that area.

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