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Kuishinbo, Suntech City, Singapore

sigh... i sometimes wish i could change blogger templates easily. Just discovered i, an IT person is html illiterate... so i can't make nice stuff like others.. *Frus*... the weekend is just so so. the grey weather here is good for sneeping.... *zzzz*

So, i tot i will finish up the last of my Singaporean food review by reviewing Kuishinbo@Suntech City... It's buffet style Japanese food and let me tell ya, this is by far the most pricey buffet i ate... S46 *HORROR*..... Ok so happens this is TT's b'day so i am willing to splurge-otherwise i would be eating at Newton Food Court if it is not the case...*bwahaha- stingy neko*
Entrance of Kuishibo- note the line...

Kuishinbo i must say is strategically located- in the middle of a fantastically huge shopping mall. I mean i walked till i popped that day and also shopped till i dropped that day. Now, if you have a huge group- please reserved a spot. We had 20 people that day and luckily we booked a spot.

They are not kidding about the crab- it's the real stuff- Hokkaido -kitta!!

At first, i concluded this place is like Shogun buffet ( not that i have been there - but maybe comparing it with malaysian buffet experience ) but it was not. Food is suprisingly good here. Not as on par to Rakuzen, Mizu or Aoyama but good for buffet food.

Let's see... what's their range.... they have:
  • Sushi- maki, rolls, inaris... etc
  • Teppanyaki made to order -bring your little table clip with the table number and go to the teppan bar to order your choice of meat
  • Hot pot bar- order udon, nabe etc from here
  • Tempura bar- mmmm... i love the tempura sauce and daikon
  • Fresh Salad bar
  • Oden bar-OOOH!!! This was nice
  • Soup bar
  • Fresh seafood bar
  • Agemono bar - fried stuff
  • Ahem- my fav ---> Dessert bar
Hot pot bar-see that paper pots and on the right it is the udon & soba. The amount of soya sauce we kiasuly took that night.

With so many choices- i actually was lo
ss for words at one point. Now, unlucky me had tummy problem that day - so i didn't get to eat much thanks to the alcohol the previous night.

Well, i still had to i trotted off to the bars to get my fill, please note, i occasionally have weird taste in food so don't laugh or balk when u see my stranger choices

Top Photo: Egg Mayo Roll(?), Unagi/Soft Shell Crab Roll, Kani roll
Bottom Pic: Curry Chicken (Yes, i like japanese curry), Tempura,Cold Lotus Salad, Fried Ramen

I must say the food was good. The ramen was a bit hard - this was the only stuff i didn't like and the curry - was so-so. [ This is an acquired test- my friends all find me strange for eating japanese curry, when i am malaysian ]. Now the other thing that got us eating alot was, the cold Lotus salad. Made up of cut lotus sliced thinly.... and with some sauce that is not mayo, mixed with other vege- this was refreshingly yummy. After i took some, the rest started getting more of this. The tempura- was great. Crispy and didn't turn soggy too fast. Added with freshly grated daikon & sauce- hontoni oishiikatta neh!!

Halfway through our meal, a bell started to ring, and the PA system kept repeating the theme song for Kuishinbo- that signifies they had free stuff to give away for the first 30 custo
mers that reached the designated bar.... It was grilled saba for the first round and 2nd round grilled king prawns with cheese ( that didnt sound japanese did it? ) .. Interesting concept and you get to see everyone rushing to the counter... So, since we slow, we settled for the below order of ... er.. not sure what it is but it is like nabe only with paper.

Yummy paper hot pot - Big Mussels

Miso soup with rice, their logo, and the sashimi everyone was raving about.

Stomach not feeling too great then, i stopped eating and watched the others eat... Then i got bored so i decided to take more pictures... Now ... everyone is so busy stuffing their face, i just happily snapped away at their food- No yelling at neko for taking pictures now.. :P I need to put a add for Kuishinbo here- seems their sashimi is to die for. EXTREMELY FRESH and extremely juicy, it had thumbs up from my 3 friends who were with me.

Ah, my favorite meal of the day has arrived- DESSERT. Despite my tummy ache, dessert is never forsaken and we had perhaps the strangest looking dessert that night..... sperm shaped jelly.... *blink* everyone. It's sperm shaped but made out of dunno-what. Tasted Awful! See the middle picture about the macha ice-cream?? Tifa gleefully brought it back from the Dessert bar giggling away so everyone dug their spoon in to try this

Left-Right: Multi colored Konnayaku, Konyaku with nata de coco, Very bad green tea cake, and Green tea Macha with er.. Sperm shaped Jelly.

Close up of you know what.... Yuckky stuff.

Was a tad bit disappointed with the dessert but since the rest of the stuff was good, am not going to fault them. .... I still hate the jelly in the green tea macha but hey, if you don't like it chuck it away. The ice-cream was pretty good. Now, not satisfied we had bad ice-cream we ordered peach ice-cream..

Peach Ice Cream.

Ok- after all that, we paid up and then .. .went for more.. shopping. I think it is my one off japanese buffet visits or rather once in a while dining. Still prefer the fine dining concept. This kinda makes it mass market food... Whack me if you will :) Mizu, Rakuzen anyone??

If you are interested in the sperm shaped jelly while in singapore- check out

Suntec City Mall #03-002 3
Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983
Tel: 6238 7088

Fax: 6238 7066


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