Wednesday, 29 August 2007

The dish ran away with the spooon......

I ...... have a theory that my bad luck has started to transfer it self from me, to my other relatives. Cousin F called up frantic this evening, because her maid "ran away". A maid of almost a good 3 years, suddenly packed and left, leaving my nephews Bren and Jerald alone at home! :O. It's called the dish ran away with the spoon syndrome. More than 50% of this runaways are running with a guy, or to another work place

Not only she did that, but she STOLE my cuz-in-law's hand phone.

Poor Cuz, she sounded so stress on the phone just now. She treated the maid like her family and now she is gone and disappeared. Cheer Up Cuz, buzz me if you need help.

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