Monday, 9 July 2007

What do you do when someone asks you embarassing questions??

Hmm. According to my Chinese star sign and my English horoscope, i am a person who does not like confrontation or prefers not to be... in some kind of spotlight. So does it mean that I don't like embarrassing questions? Probably.

This happened in the Q&A session with the cross divisional managers of the company. I gotta to meet an old friend who was posted overseas for some time. She(Miss Y) happens to be my neighbor's cousin. Small world, eh? Well, my neighbor happens to be some kinda gossip fodder in my area. She was married to a much older man and when he died, she later remarried again to another older(and even older man). I shall leave out the details in case it sounds too familiar.

Now the gossip bit is, she never told us but the rest of the neighbors knew about it... talk about wisteria lane.... My 10cent's worth, i hope she went into it with her eyes open. The man is old, a bit frail and sickly i heard but there must be a reason she has chosen to remarry again. Being me, i would want to spent the rest of my life with a person whom i can walk with me and care for me AND most importantly do things together but not spend the 1st part of my life having to care for that person. Sounds selfish? Maybe not, ask yourselves again.

Well... to cut a long story short, Miss Y and i sat together in the function, we were chatting about her recent posting and suddenly she goes:

Miss Y: Hey, is Kak X married again?
Neko: (in japanese- to herself):heeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,USO??? nanja kora (what???)???
: (actual answer): What? What sort of question is that? {Face pink now at this point, cant lie to save the world}
Miss Y: I dunno, you stay next to her, did you notice anything?
Neko: (self cursing): No not really, by the time i get home, the sky is dark... Why dont you ask Kak X urself? Miss Y: Ya, i think i will call her now and ask
Neko: ( to herself): OMG!!!!

Well, Miss Y got her answer after calling Kak X. At the same time telling her that she was sitting next to me.. SIGH....How would all of you all handle questions like this? Is it because i knew about not in the official way that makes it embarrassing or it was just an embarrassing to be asked about other people's business? I decided FOR THE next meeting, i am sitting with my boss.

Kak X, I hope you are happy with your choice. I know it is lonely sometimes but a choice like this is a lifetime. You do deserve someone to take care of you(instead) when you have spent 1/2 your life taking care of someone. ...... hmm .. guess everyone needs to be loved and feel loved.. *pensive & hides in the corner*

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