Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Sang Har Meen @ Greenview

I just got my new lap top......... Hence no blogging for several days. Also caught up with some movies recently like Transformers... so didnt manage to find time to blog recently...

As my title says- Sang Har meen- where else but green view in SS2! Some people like new paris restaurant but to me Green view has always been a pretty great restaurant! The sang har meen's escapade was a birthday dinner Dad took me to :) Asked me what i wanted to eat and i went "SANG HAR MEEN!!" followed by loud coughing attacks. (Still recovering from my bad cough. Please note at this point, since i last got sick 5 other people in my department MC-ed. Everyone pointed finger at me first *Sad!!!*)

Back to this, there are very few places that make good and tasty no
odles as i recall, here are some i remember that are still open:
  • Soo Kee in USJ 4, they also have a KL Branch as well.
  • Restaurant Mo Tak Teng in TTDI.
  • Greenview - SS2
  • I think Kampar has a nice restaurant that sells Good SHM as well! But i cant remember the name of the shop!
  • Well.. give me some tips on where else have good ones!
Jumping straight to pictures, we ordered for 4 persons, 1 big prawn each!! TADAA...... The plate was so full i thought i was it was going to overflow. Becareful when you order this dish, it is very high in CHOLESTROL. Lots of prawn and it's eggs all in the broth and in the prawns itself. Don't think it is just a noodle dish cause it can really fill-ya.
Prawns Close Up

I cant' describe the taste of this dish except one word. LOVELY... The sauce was just tasty, naturally with so much prawn roe added in. Also i love the noodles, no side effect of kan sui, and it had just the right amount of crunchiness. Dad spent a lot of time on the prawn head because it was really stuffed with roe.

Close up of the prawn- look @ the roe

Well, after all that prawn-ing, there were other dishes ordered such as:

Yau mak sauteed with garlic- tasty on it's own

Taufoo cooked with crab- Or Hai par taufoo

The taufoo was not too bad. Normally this is not my favorite dish even though there is crabs. It's because i find it a bit pasty but then when i tasted the taufoo... Good! Two paws up.

This was the least favourite dish of the night. Yes, the cat family decided we will not call this again. What a waste of this fish, should have ordered this as steamed instead of this style. They actually fry the fish but the sauce is a bit like teochew steamed fish only spicier. Cooked with tomatoes and pickled leek. Eek.. so not tasty... Doesn't bring out the flava of the fish. Please note there are better ways to steam this fish :P

Apart from the fish dish, that was about all we ordered as we were feeling very "stuffed"/chai with the prawn and all. Love my dad heaps for taking his sick kitten to eat sang har meen. (Okachan thinks he spoils me big time ). My lil' bro was just thrilled he had sang har meen.

There are other great dishes Greenview is famous for. Yue Chee ( suckling pig ) and their marmite crab is one of the best around.

By the way, the Sang har meen costs a bomb. The dish itself costs RM77 for 4 big prawns and is dependent on how much prawn is ordered.

One interesting thing to note about this place. Parking sucks. 2 times I came here with lil bro, 1 time he got "ngau yuk kon" ( saman ), second time- car got scratched. So moral of the story- come early!

Location: No 6 & 8, Jalan 19/3
Business Hours: 11am - 11pm
Telephone #: 7958-1076

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