Monday, 2 July 2007

Restaurant Hong Lim's Dim Sum 2ND TRY

I am getting a bit too old for night shifts. I feel a bit whacked after working from Sat to Sunday non stop. Age catching up already. Frankly i am not the kind that is very positive in mind and in spirit.. i just... drag myself through the mud sometimes :) *hee*........ well i am not posting about that 2day... lazy, but want to tell you of my second visit to Restaurant Hong Lim's.

Must promote Subang food more mah. I've been staying here for years and only start sniffing around for good places to eat recently. :). I am also thinking of recat
egorizing my categories to eating places such as USJ, SUBANG, Oug .. but then... i have to repost all my stuff :( no no no. I so so lazy. And i realise i only eat in certain areas so it is always SUBANG, HARTAMAS, SRI PETALING and OUG.. Very the boring like that.

Back to Hong Lim's. After my night work, i wanted to sleep in. i cud not even drive back properly that day because i kept falling asleep at the wheel! Stopped a few times on the road to wak
e up and finally made it home in one piece and fell asleep just like that. At 12:00pm dad woke me up to ask if i wanted any take out... seeing my white face.. ( yes i turn white when i dont have enough sleep ) he suggested i join them for lunch to get some fresh air.. "I will take you for dim sum :)" he says with a smile in his voice.. Hey.. i perked up... So he drove.. after seeing me walk like a drunkard to the car...

One thing about my dad, no matter how old i am, i am always his precious princess :) Mom says he spoils me rotten even though i am the oldest girl in the family. I can remember how the countless times he cheers me up... :) that would be another blog another day..So when we reached the restaurant he goes- "Order what you want.. but get me foong chau"... hehehehehe... So i ordered what i wanted
First up- Porridge.... This is pei tan porridge with "lean" pork meat. I dun like the crunchy stuff here on top- prefer.. YCK but the porridge i like. I hate watery porridges, but this is the type that is thick and tastes like porridge!. Quite nice, the pei tan is generously given. Only thing is pork got a BIT of smell.. :P But i still finished it anyway.

Ah, hong kong chee cheong fun. Today, they only had Char Siew flavor... So so only lah. The texture of the CCF is a bit thick. But the chilli sambal they put on top is very nice!... Not too hot just right with the CCF. Dad wanted a plate each .. after the porridge i was feeling a bit full.

The foong chau... Chicken feet lah... Looks a bit oily though. But mom and dad wallop this... I.. .PASS. Wanted to take a picture of the pile of bones at dads plate but thought i was a cutting it a bit too much on him.

Some dumpling dish i cannot remember the name..... Quite nice with the Kampung Koh Chilli sauce.. [ Note we had siew mai, har kau and Yue Tan which did not show up here in the blog as there were other pics of it in my earlier posts ]

The final tray was, stuffed dumpling with peas and pork. At this stage i very the full and cud not eat anymore. This tasted a bit SO-SO to me. Probably because i Jelak and very sleepy at this stage.

Summary of what we ate ( "training" - as precious pea says, for eating marathon),there was only 3 of us, me dad, mom and me.
* 1 porridge each person
* 1 ccf each person
* 1 tray of siew mai
* 1 tray of har kau
* 2 trays of yue tan
* 1 tray of foong chau
* 1 tray of dumpling X
* 1 tray of stuffed pork with peas.

SO FULL after that... i kooned away like a cat. Total bill came up to RM30 only. I thank me dad for taking me out that day :) thanks heaps for cheering me up after a stressful project. For cheap and reasonable Dim Sum- come to subang man.. dun need to go to Jalan Ipoh.... :P

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