Sunday, 1 July 2007

Comfort food series #3- Instant noodles?

I admit, i love instant noodles of any form. Soup based, dry, korean, japanese even thai, i eat. It is kinda unhealthy though and i consumed quite a lot during my student days :P. What to do... my first year at Uni I sucked @ cooking.

I woke up one saturday not sure what to eat and remembered there is instant noodles in teh cupboard. i feel a frown from my neko-kachan already... What to do... sometimes i have cravings and when i want it i get it.
Ta-da.......... today i want to eat IndoMie Mi goreng Perisa Asli. I lup this. When i was younger, mom used to make this for lunch, with shredded chicken meat and veggie, served with some soup. That was once in a while where she could not figure out what to cook for me and my fussy sibling. The chicken and veggie was added stuff so that it gave us additional protein and we were very happy to have that for lunch. She stopped making that because 1) instant noodles are not her thing anymore 2) We are big enough to GET OUR OWN LUNCH.... Once in a while she will reminisce with us on this but that's all. Talk only. No action.

Back to the topic. This is my favourite brand so far for mi goreng. It's not too large, nto too small. Reasonably priced and i love the flavour. Ok, so next step is opening up the pack and cooking it. Comes with some black sauce, oil, chilli seasoning and seasoning. I dont put the full pack of seasoning in to reduce the saltiness and reduce the oil. But i like my noodles tanned :P. My cooking skills are pretty restricted at home because scrutinizes what i do. Cant cook under pressure sometimes. >_<
The ingredients- what is chilli bumbu?

Lay it all out and then cook the noodles

Finally the finished product, all stirred up and ready to be eaten. Lots of stirring should be done to get a consistent tast all across the noodles. mMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Noodles ready. What can i say? I love my instant noodles. To make it more interesting, you can add vegetables, as well as shredded meats or even fish cakes to this.


  1. I consumed tonnes of this Indomie in Australia during my 4 years there. It was my default instant noodle until I discovered Nissin and other Korean brands. :P

  2. Ah!! Fellow Instant Noodle lover! :) I know, there is this one flavor of Nissin i like, but cannot find the equivalent here.



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