Sunday, 8 July 2007

Reboot Neko.....

Reboot neko......... that's what happened to me over the past few days. I don't think i can cop night jobs more.. cause i had a real bad case of flu, body aches and cough over the last few days which resulted in no posting but lots of sleeping instead.... urgh... don't you just hate the feeling of those body aches? i feel like a tonne of bricks hit... :P ....

Saw one of my colleagues who was on maternity recently and she said i look too thin... eh..... like lollipop girl i.e head bigger than body... Ok.... so license to eat more issit? hehehehe.

anyway- that didn't stop me from eating. i will be posting some sang har meen pics later... and maybe of baby Russell all grown up! :)

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