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The cat goes fine dining @ Cilantro's Jalan Ampang

Firstly, i must do some shout outs... My gf at work, Rafe, gave birth to a healthy baby girl on 07/07/07 but at 3:05 pm... wait a few more hours the baby will make history!! Anyway, Rafe had a very stressful pregnancy and i am glad she is well and fine. But please... er get the kids to call me "cheh cheh" instead of aunty! :P

Postings are slow this week because of my flu... urgh... dun feel like walking or doing anything...

I had a great birthday week, lots of wishes(some as far as Australia and Singap
ore) :), some pressies ( ok i am old enough to buy my own stuff.. it's ok ) and great food, despite the early part of the week of being hounded by someone. (Thick skin p**). I have put that aside and decided to enjoy myself. Dad was such a gem that day, knowing it's my day off and he knew my past few months were like hell, he took me shopping!! :) But i ended up paying for most of it.. Of course lah... big girl already... anyway.. my friend @ suncomic was very happy that day, spend a lot at his shop that day. Also,the day ended with me VT-ing FF hehehe that is the first time we both tried video telephony. Not the best quality but still amusing.

The week before bestie (mashi) asked if we wanted to go din din on our b'day. Note both she and i share the same b'day and it is freaky. Hence we are called the evil twins. Funnily enough we have
the same thoughts, sometimes the same food tastes and definitely the same bad days as we found out in dinner that night. Well i thank her very much, because she chose to share her b'day with me and a big 10q to Mel( her hubby ) for letting me have her that day. *muaks* But before we went there... she warned me..

Bestie: It's fine dining... so dress properly
Neko: Eh... what do you mean dress properly.
Bestie: No slippers and t-shirt lah.
Neko: Eh.. where are we going ah?

Bestie: Cilantro's
Neko: Expensive ah?
Bestie: Ya, about RM180 a pop
Neko: FUYOH....................

Well, i decided not to be so kiamsup on my b'day so i went and pick Bestie up from KLC
C @ 6pm and a bit dressed up for the occasion. Nice top and jeans with make up!

Ok, once i entered the restaurant... one word.... POSH................................... ( without the spice )

I felt a bit out of place... i am used to the tai chau and side stalls - highest class i went was ..... Rakuzen ....You know it's fine dining when they had cutlery all laid out like those european fine dining shops. I let bestie advice on the food and she ordered the early bird dinner.

Then i notice this round thing on the table... my first thought is... "That the ashtray?"........ Er... turns out it is not
It is actually truffle butter! Lordy, am i jakun or what? People would think i come from the jungle or something like that.
You eat this with the lovely breads served as part of your appetizer... Mmmm. Lovely...................... I wallope
d, i mean i consumed 4 pieces of bread just because of the truffle butter.

Caution: At this point- i have forgotten the names of some of the dishes

Appetizer # 1- Pate with steamed egg and Jelly

The pate is made from foie grais and mixed with some other stuff. Not bad.... i like the yellow bit below, not sure about the jelly thing. It comes in a very very small cup but it is quite filling.

Appetizer # 2- Carpaccio Yellowtail with Asparagus, Aubergine and Black Caviar.

Hmm.. raw fish. I dunno. I dont have a liking for raw fish ( though i am a cat ) but heck, let me try it. Note that the fish is doused heavily in lime and some alcohol i believe. ... First bite... hmmm not bad.. no raw taste. I like the caviar though.. salty... :p. Polished this up except for the fish sides. a bit too chewy for me. Bestie was proud of me. :)
Just a close up of the caviar

Appetizer #3: Foie grais with wrapped Venison in pastry bundle. Baked apple on the side.

Ok, i ate the raw fish, the pate but foie grais is really not my cup of tea.......Wanna know how much F.G is inside? See the pic below. I love the venison and the bake apple but the soft texture of the foie grais- no no no. Gave it to bestie who enjoyed her share as well as mine. Sorry!! Acquired taste that i have not acquired yet!! (*_*)

Finally................. the main meals. After all that appetizer, i was feeling a bit full already and hoped and prayed the mains were not large.. thankfully no. Btw- you only choose one or the other in the early bird specials. If you dont order specials, you have more choice of mains.
Neko's choice of Cod pan grilled with (strange shellfish behind), in cream basil sauce(?)

Verdict: Good.. Cod is sweet and good oils.. I dont really take shellfish so i passed that white thingy to Bestie who said that the shellfish took effort in chewing.. But we agreed that the greens with this dish was lovely. Bestie's Wagyu Beef with mushrooms, medium done ... (MOOOOOOOOOO)

I was very sure this place served wagyu beef. This is really really tender. I find it a bit moo-ey for me but still i ate a bit she popped over to my plate.

Ahh- the piece the resistance comes next... DESSERT.................... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .. my favourite. You can choose either sweets or cheese.. I WANT SWEETS... This is peach and honey dew with home made vanilla ice cream. There is also jelly stuffed in between. O-I-S-H-I-I neh. One more shot...I love the mint leaves they put on top.. you get the nice minty smell after you chew on it...

Finally, you can have your coffee and toffee. Yes, Coffee and toffee... Skipped the toffee for me... too much already...

Ok i had some culture today, i think i can tackle Carcosa Sri Negara next... right.... when my bosses pay for it then :P. This is a real nice place to come to if you want to celebrate weddings, b'days' and proposals as well ( very romantic setting) I believe you need to book in advance as well, cos the place gets crowded fast. Lots of foreigners come here has well..

P/S: Early bird comes with 2 glasses of wine.
P/S2: The word Cilantro actually means Coriander

Cilantro's Wine and Bar,
368B, Jalan Tun Razak, Micasa Hotel Apartments,
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan

Neko's verdict:
Tastiness: ****
Service: **** (Very attentive waiters )
Price: *, Pricey!!!! About RM140 a person but it's my birthday and i will spend if i want too
Will Neko come back here: -- not sure.. maybe when i get proposed to?
Does Neko show MSG intolerance after eating here?: No.

* - Very Bad
**- Bad
*** Ok

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