Friday, 13 July 2007

It's may be Friday the 13th but.....

I am hoping that walking contradiction & myself have finish our run of bad luck. It may be friday the 13th but so far so good...

  • Got tickets for me & walking contradiction to go to Gwen Stefani's concert. Surprise, surprise when i saw my boss in the Q as well ( not for her but her 2 kids )
  • Went to a cool place in Jalan Ceylon called NeroVivo- YUMMY LOBSTER PASTA! Another post...
  • Love my new lap top- well anything is better than the old junk i had. Still need to figure out how to hack some of the "restrictions".
  • Tomorrow is Saturday :) sneep, sneep, sneep
Ok, very sleepy now... gotta koon.....

1 comment:

  1. We shall be singing to the tunes of "woo hoo, yee hooo (aka Gwen Stefani style) all day long..:)



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