Sunday, 10 June 2007

Neko eats- allergy pills

ah-ha... yes, I am sort of sick. Not having flu or fever, but having conjuctivitis cum pterygium ( pronounced ter-ji-um ). I started off the morning with immense eye itchiness. Well i can't stand a good itch so i did what i was not supposed to.. rub my eyes. Became worse in the morning when i was about to go to low yat. Saw this blub of stuff popping out of my eye.. *GROSS* Rushed myself to the klinik krishna in USJ4 and he says "YOU GOT PTERYGIUM" - me: Eh?. Engrish prease...

Well turns out it is a growth in the eye that is caused by too much sun exposure. Note to self. Hardly see sun at all these days- what is the doctor talking about?? Anyway, it is growing near the cornea already so, i need to clear up my conjunctivities and also go to check it out at Tun Hussein Onn eye specialist. Doctor says i need it removed otherwise when it gets stuck into the cornea it's worse...Am banned from cuddling Russell in case it's dog hair i am allergic to.

Sigh.. so what do i think of the taste of the medication? Foul. And makes me sleepy. Who wants to know more about pterygium? Click me

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