Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Margaret Yong Tau Foo@USJ-Subang Perdana Court 9

I started out thinking my font editor had gone haywire -ONLY to find out it was me who pressed the wrong settings. Apologies if I kutuked Blogspot!

Well this post is on YTF- Yong Tau Foo. My most favourite dish. Easy to eat and it is the good indicator of good cooking. After my PTERYGIUM issue, since low yatt was OUT of the question, neko kazoku decided it is best to eat around USJ. Feeling rather bulgy eyed ( which decided to glue shut after seeing the doctor ), i trooped along.

This is not the first time Margaret YTF is in USJ, it was here sometime back- but that time it was in Sunway area ( me thinks ) and it was managed by someone else. Didnt taste great then, but now it was taken back by the Original owner.

With my sunglasses and all.. i sat down and stared at the familiar white plates. Hmm.. not sure why they looked familiar. And look at the amount of sweet sauce and chilli they gave you. *Dip, Dip*. No yong tau foo is good, without good sauce. The pale yellow drinks behind are actually boiled sugar cane, cold. So so onree.

We ordered paper wrapped chicken, four pieces came looking nicely wrapped. See pic above? Proved to be quite difficult to manuerver! They gave us chopsticks, but in the end, i used my fingers to dig the chook out. The pieces seems to be wing drummets mostly. Quite tasty , but nothing beats the balakong one. Greens, is next. Think this is Yau Mak ching chau. Margaret's style of YTF is similar to ampang yong tau foo, served with rice and other choice of food. Note the veggie was a bit salty for me. Maybe because i am used to a bit more tasteless food, so this was a bit salty for my liking. At this point, i started to sweat, cos the place had no air con. :( One more cup of Sugar Can please!
The house speciality, YTF. We ordered, tau foo ( of course), fish cake, bitter gourd. And a plate of tau kan - not in the picture. It is served up with a special sauce. I like the tau foo the best, because they put chopped sotong and pork in the mixture. Thumbs up from me on the tau foo. Neko-ka chan was not so impressed. Her expectation higher.. hmm.

I realised i missed out the Asam Fish picture. That was not my favourite of that day. The sauce was oily and too sweet for Assam fish. Passed.

So, finally my Neko tou chan was more receiptive to the photo taking. Got them a bit caught up in the review of food as well, so asked them as family what they think of this restaurant. Response: "Ok-lah".... (-_-)".... It's reasonably priced, paid about RM40+ for this lunch meal. Could do with an Aircon. I wouldnt say it is the worse but it's one of those restaurants, that i will come back once in a while.

Where to find Margaret YTF? Check it out below: hehehehe

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