Sunday, 15 April 2007

Char Siew Pau from Jalan Ipoh

Ok- more stuff from Jalan Ipoh. I find that Jalan Ipoh strongly resembles Cheras area for some reason. Probably the large chinese population is one of the reasons why. They have a very famous Dim Sum place that runs 24 hours along Jalan Ipoh. In fact there is more than 1 shop there. After the Steamboat- my colleague pop by the dim sum shop so i can buy back some CSP ( char siew pau ) for home.

It is suprisingly huge- i paid about RM6 for 4 pau(s). Take a
look @ the size comparisons.Since it is not obvious, i compared it with a tea spoon.Now do you see it more obviously? Well it is long but it is not so tall in height. Mom observed it was a bit flat. She used to make CSP's so considers herself some kinda expert.

How does it look inside? Check out the next shots.....
See the bits of pork? So far no fat bits. The sauce has a bit of oyster sauce taste. When you open it, there is a nice char siew smell. Char Siew Pau is also evalauted on the softness of the bun. This bun's softness was good. :) Fluffy.

Not so bad for a pau. The filling was quite generous and tasty. I would like to try the other Dim Sum they have at this place. They have the usual Siew Mai, Yue Tan etc. Worthy of a try- the place aint that clean and there are lot of cars parked at the restaurant. I can't even remember the name of the restaurant but will sure remember the place.

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