Sunday, 18 March 2007

Night at the Movies- Primeval

After a brief spell of bad movies hitting our Cinemas- suddenly there were alot of movies to watch. Since the last time i said i wanted to watch more happy stuff- Fren insisted that 300 is TOO GORY for me... ( is it as bad as LOTR?) so we hit the cinema's to watch Primeval.... { I hear everyone saying "huh?"}

20 feet Croc? Actually i initially started out to be a bit skeptical about this movie but turns out ( though that it is a no brainer movie ) it is quite an interesting show. Set in Burundi in the heart of central africa- this is based on true story about a 20 feet Crocodile lurking the Rusizi River killing almost 300 people.

A group of americans set out to film and capture this croc- mainly for Tim Freeman (Dominic Purcell) to redeem himself after an incident which damaged his reputation.

The show is not too bad. Africa is filmed beautifully, vast lands and sights of the wildlife are amazing. I am also grateful the croc is not shown in full glory only in hidden bits and pieces otherwise it looks very fake! Well there was one seen that it did look fake but luckly that is the only one. There is also a political side to the show on the whereby the film tried to show how in such country there is no law and you do not know who are the good and bad people.

If you think primeval is just a make believe and Gustave (name of the croc ) is fake well check out this sites. Even national geographic tried to capture this dude. Gustave remains uncaptured till today and his last sighting was in the year 2006. I wonder whether Steven Irwin ever tried to film this?

National Geographic:

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