Sunday, 18 March 2007

Delicious By Ms Read

Ah! One of those outings with my brother without the parents.... we get to eat what we like to eat or try new restaurants. Bro- used to work near 1U, and has eaten about 80% of the restaurants but not Delicious by ms read. (Btw: This is a fusion food review - got local and western food )

You can find this place on the Highforest section of 1U- same row as Bakerzin. Lovely little quite
place that services breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Yes, they have a tea menu. I was there for brunch-lunch so I could not check out the tea menu. And the portions are not pint size - they are pretty hearty as well. Before the pics of food start, let's have a look at the menu and the ambience.

When you are there mid-morning, they will give you 2 menus, the longer one is the Lunch/Dinner menu, and the little one on the right is the breakfast menu. Aiyo- so many choices so tiny my tummy.

The lovely ambience in the restaurants. I especially love the bird cages - though it wont work in my house. Dust and dirt comes to mind.

Firstly - we had drinks. Bro and I decided on the same drink of Ice Frosty Lemon Tea. I was thinking it was like the secret recipe one but no- this packed a punch- Zesty without being too sweet. Like Ice lem
on tea sorbet.
The top of the drink was a sprig of peppermint- refreshing..........................................At this point the waiter has not chased me away. I was very self conscious as i had several people looking at me. Either i looked ruffled or they have never seen a girl with such a big camera!

Then the dishes arrived, service was pretty fast here you dont have to wait a long time. I had ayam percik with salted egg and ulam. (Note: they dont serve chicken breasts here only thigh but i decided to try any way) and bro had linguine with turkey ham and mushroom in cream sauce. We also ordered the wild mushroom soup. Funnily enough- the soup came last. Should be the otherway around.... but who cares. *Mistake, mistake* we overestimated our stomach and size portion. Very the pao after that..... ^_^My Ayam percik with Ulam, salted egg, keropok and sauce for the ulam. Under the green veggies, there is actually tau geh. I find the tau geh smells a bit strange but the ulam was nice especially with the sauce. I only ate a bit of the salted egg though i am great fan- not too good for health. The brown stuff on the top is kerisik. And the chook on the right. Sauce was lovely. As usually "chi-chai tummy" i cannot finish this.
Bro's linguine with turkey ham and mushroom sauce. Creamy and nice. He could not finish it as normally at the end this stuff normally taste a bit more heavy.

The soup of wild mushroom. The texture of the mushroom is not like Chilli's or TGIF- this is more grounded. Feels like the one in Fasta Pasta. But still good.

I recommend to those who come to this place next time.... to actually either come with a really EMPTY stomach or share. I am planning to try their breakfast options next time and their cakes. One thing, for those who dont know ms read- they are a clothes line for larger size women.

Location: Delicious by Ms Read
Address: 1U at Highforest

Neko's verdict:
Tastiness: ****

Service: ***
Price: **, Not cheap, a bit pricey for lunch
Will Neko come back here: Yup
Does Neko show MSG intolerance after eating here?: No.

* - Very Bad
**- Bad
*** Ok
**** Good
***** Fantastic! Sugoi!



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