Thursday, 15 February 2007

Home Made Mee Siam

This is not a restaurant review but just some pictures of my mom's home made mee siam. Mom made this last saturday so i was running around in the kitchen trying to get some shots. Till i became a pain in the ***.

Mee Siam is a local dish. It does not come from thailand contrary to the name. It is basically made of rice noodles, with freshly cut chilly, onions, garlic. You need to add tau-kwa and bean sprouts as well as chives to it. And the best bit is the prawns that come with this dish. Later it is garnished with either hard boil egg or omelette in strips form. I can't remember where it originates from but it was very popular during the time when i was child. And it is such a nostalgic food :). Reminds
me of the time when my cousins and I went to each other's houses for BBQ, this is definitely a dish on the menu. Anyway- dont expect a write up on the way to cook this. I just eat this.

This is mom's speciality- actually her noodles are the best :).

That's a pic of the tau kwa frying. Mom prepares all the add ons to the dish first.

Naturally bee hoon has to be soaked. Picture of the final product -color is off in this shot.

Tada!! the final product with egg strips as well as lime to squeeze on top of the noodles. It gives it an extra oomph! Thanks mom- totemo oiishikatta desu.!

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