Saturday, 17 February 2007

Home for the Holidays

There is nothing much to blog about food as I am back in Ipoh. Dad says no hawker food this time because it is expensive and packed. I left for ipoh on 17/02 and boy it was jammed. The highways were packed. I started at 6+ and reached ipoh by 12pm. Was hungry and very er in great need for the toilet. It was the same yesterday when Fren and I went for dinner. Trying to catch up a bit before he left for his hols. I got stuck in the MRR. :( But any way the time together was great. I also saw for the first time a rat- that could stare back at me with it's paws in a hunch position. Is the smell of cats too strong?

Well, happy piggie year this year. Hope everyone has a great year and all my friends out there driving.... take care on the roads. :) Shinen omedetou!

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