Wednesday, 25 October 2006

It's supernatural time! Have you all seen the show Supernatural? For me it runs on AXN on Astro every thursday at 10:00pm Starring Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles. It's quite an interesting show, compared to the other shows that are running on now. i am no fan of LOST or others so this one is actually holds my interest.

What's the story about:
About 2 brothers whose whole life deals with the supernatural, starting with the mysterious death of their mom when they were younger. Their dad sets out to find the killer and trains up to two boys to defend and fight these demons. Dean closely follows in his father's path while Sam decides that he wants no part of this. However, Sam changes his mind when the same thing that kills their mom, kills his girlfriend. Their dad disappears as well and throughout Season 1 it is a journey for the boys to go find their father and that demon that has been haunting the family.

What's great about this show?
Firstly, the story line is fresh. Some of the supernatural stuff you see here is taken from urban legends we know and it doesnt look cheesy. Characters are not 1-dimensional and have some depth as well as secrets to hide. And how humor is actually inserted into the show. My fav bit was one episode where they check into a motel with 70's decor.

What's not-so-great about this show?
Sometimes it can get draggy if the supernatural portion is a bit unbelievable. However most of the episodes are quite ok.

Good Episodes to catch:
- Bloody Mary - Season 1
- Faith - Season 1

So catch if you can... keeps tv interesting.

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