Sunday, 22 October 2006

I am starting up my own blog on all stuff for the first time, so pardon me if it is 1)Not interesting 2) long winded 3) Totally boring.. I intended this to be more of anime blog but i know full well it might be related to other stuff as well. So i hope everyone just sit back and relax --- etc and give me some feedback on what needs improvement.

October 21st 14:34pm:
I am not sure why i feel suprise that it is still hazy outside in PJ. The whole of Subang looks as if it is blanketed in a fog or something out of the Silent Hill movie itself. Even my car has a rather thick layer of dust which cannot be rubbed off! I am not wasting RM8 on washing it now man.... My dogs have taken to sneezing. They dont use to sneeze but now they will go like "CHOOOO" ( followed by flying spit-stay at least 5 feet away ) then followed by violent head shaking. Probably the spit or snot comes out more. (^_^)

That's my dog on the left. It's a she... if it is not clear enough ! I got her from PAWS about 10 years back in 1996 which makes her about 10years old +. For dogs it's 7 years per 1 human year if i am not mistaken so it makes Mei-Chan about 70+ in dog years. Her real name is Tracey but since I had a friend wit that name, we started calling her Mei-Mei or Trace, or pea-chan and she answers to all the names. {The chan portion comes from the Japanese suffix of - chan/san} Funnily enough since we dont really speak Chinese or Cantonese that much at home, she doesnt understand it if you ask her to sit in Cantonese! 10 years ago when we wanted a dog, we thought getting from PAWS/SPCA was the best thing to do. Dogs that are not taken up in these places are later humanely put to sleep so what is better thing to do then adopt from such places. At least we give them a chance.

I wasn't there when they went to pick the puppies, my mom and dad did the picking. She was the first dog to walk up to my mom and wag her tail with the look that says "Pick me, pick me!". My mom did- thinking she was a boy puppy only to find out he was actually a she and she quickly wanted to put it back in the litter. But the home-person said no. Anyway, it is first pick first choice there, and fearing she may be lonely we picked another pup called Comet from the same litter. (That's him on the right). A few dollars later and some spaying we had two new puppies.

My brother said that Trace did a baptism in my room her first night home... that explains the yellow spot on my floor till today.

I think from the start Trace is the fav amongst everyone in the family. She is very docile, sweet, eats about anything while Comet is the complete opposite of her. He is the best guard dog in USJ12 but had the lousiest temper u know off. I guess he sort of new that everyone favored Trace and had a bone to pick with us. Trace has aged recently. Since 2005, she is in a gradual decline. Her ear, flopped down one side is a result of blockage of her ear canal and a gate accident few years back. She cant stand too steadly on her four feet. Sometimes she goes round and round like a pyscho bug. She also gets grumpy!! She grunts and growls and yowls ( the last sounding like some horror movie soundtrack ) if you leave her caged up. We almost lost her few years back when we did not know she could not take in too much protein in her food due to her age. Point to note, older dogs display protein intolerance to their food. Luckily for our vet in Mayo Clinic, he detected this and immediately requested a change of diet now she has a few good years more.

When i have more time, i might put up older pics of Mei/Comet when they were younger... ah those little fluff balls.

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