Sunday, 17 April 2011

Brux Ale - Bangsar

Me likey alcoholic food.While i am not a heavy drinker nor do i like drinking a whole lot ( a lot depends on the type of alcohol and the company ) i am more partial to food with alcohol in it :)  So, i do like these beer places cum restaurants that have been sprouting around KL. I saw this place in Eat Drink KL's blog, and i had to try it. And try i did, like 2 months ago! Yes, this is another one of my delayed post. This blogging funk has been pretty bad. I have been so not inspired of late. There are tonnes of photos in my camera but i don't feel really in the mood to write. 
Brux Ale was one of the places Mashi and i picked for a our long delayed catch up. I miss our monthly eat out sessions. It was a good chance to catch up and relax and not let work worry us.  By the way, this is a lunch session. :)  So early in the day the alcohol comes into the picture already -_-". 

Brux Ale specializes in the lager from Belgium so you will find a few of the quite famous brands already and some that are new to us Malaysians. So you will find some gems here that are not found in the other pubs - such as my Apple Beer!  And appropriately named Newton. I like the fruity flavor of the beer,  rather than the bitter Heinekens or Carlsberg that is usually found outside. On a supremely hot day that day, this cool fruity beer tasted good. And i prefer this taste compared to Hoegaarden! Mashi had the Barbar Tok with Honey but the picture did not make it here because it was blurry. 

Serving Belgian beer, also means serving Belgian food. I find this quite rare in KL where we are bombarded with Italian and German food, Belgian food seems like a refreshing change here. ( Not that i am complaining :P compared to what i normally eat now ).  First dish up is a warm salad dish of peas and bacon and bacons. Who would have thought that something so simple can be so tasty.  I originally wanted the Asparagus dish but they were out of Asparagus that day. 
We ordered the flemish beef stew next. Comes in lovely colors below. For some strange reason i am tempted to ask the owner "do you have rice" so i can wipe the rice with the sauce!! To not sound too malaysian of course i did no such thing. However, with bread i think this will go very well as well.  I was quite inspired suddenly to make er Guinness stew for some reason.  I just drool thinking of this dish.

The next dish is quite my favorite dish in Brux Ale. I noticed when the Europeans were colonizing a lot of countries, one of the good things that came out of that are the fusion dishes as a result of this.  Belgium colonized part of Africa ( Congo particularly ) The name of the dish itself is a mouthful - Belgian Congo Koukouyakalanga chicken. It is in short curry chicken. Strange to find curry in Congo, eh? I like the curry, it is non too spicy but does have that slight kick and the rice is soft and moist. Oddly, i found the banana fritters on the side a rather strange combination.  Didn't really like the Banana though.
Final order for the day was pasta, Carbonara to be exact. While i never like cream pasta, i have to say this version is not cloying creamy.  Taste wise, not too bad but compared to the other dishes this was a bit normal.
I give this top marks for pretty excellent and unique food ( compared to all the German and Japanese food that are popping up like mushrooms ) . There is some desserts on their menu which i didn't get to try, i was too full already to try it out. But if you are hankering for beers around other parts of Europe, try out Brux Ale. Sure not to disappoint. 

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  1. Oooo sounds good!

  2. So finally you are back from Manila?
    It's almost a month you haven't been updating. How's life going on?

  3. @jason: it is actually!
    @Bact: no i am still there, a bit lazy to update. work is a bit hectic at the moment. Weekends is a lot of zz catch up sometimes :P

  4. I tried this, but well... cant say i was too impressed by beer or food.. Not too bad, but prob wont be going back



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