Sunday, 27 March 2011

Greenview - a revisit

Sometimes, when i look at my old food photos, (such as this ) .... i really, really, really, really(x100) crave good Chinese food. I have not found really fantastically good chinese food here in Manila, there are some hits ( like David's teahouse for some good sweet and sour pork ) and plenny of misses ( like the crumbling pao i had today, all stuck in my mouth, that i felt i was eating cotton -_____-" ) or my hairy pork stories ( O_O ) . While the logical me knows Chinese food here is so so and should avoid it with a 10 feet pole, the masochist in still goes and try such food and then get sorely disappointed.

So, right now, i have to content with just the pictures.  -_-" and drool at my own photographs. Or others. -_________-"  Anyway, this is quite an old old post. It is at Greenview restaurant. The perennial old school chinese restaurants, such as New Paris which was here many years ago and still going strong. My first time to Greenview many years back, i was introduced to one of their 2 greater creations ...  quite excellent crab dishes and their superb sang har meen. And mind you the later is not cheap.  However all my family's attempts to eat there either ended up quite ... dramatic... by getting a ngau yuk kon ( saman ) or ... car scratches. Greenview is and still is, notorious in terms of parking. Either you go there early or very late.  So, after a while we stop going to this place to avoid paying extra ;)

Armed with a DSLR many years later, i thought i will retry this place again with a group of friends.Greenview has changed over the years. They "air-cond" themselves, added a new floor, improve the parking somewhat, however their menu remains the same as many years ago.


Surprise the first pic is not about crabs or sang har meen :)? Actually i think this dish is the real comfort food material.  It is simply siew yoke with greens ( can be kailan or choy sum ) and the above is with Choy Sum. My mom used (past tense because ... siew yoke is no good for the cholesterol now)  to make this for us to eat with left over siew yoke from family events and everyone laps it up.  However, i rarely see this in tau chau restaurants. I was surprised to find it here. Nevertheless, this was quite an awesome dish to try. By the way............... this was the only veggie dish

The stars of the night was of course their Sang Har Meen. The first time i ate this, was with Dad and Bro, many years back and it cost us RM70 just for this dish. I think that time, our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. I liked the taste of Greenview because of the fragrant prawn taste in the sauce, however, over the years, i preferred the taste of King Crab's Sang Har meen, which was a bit more chinese wine infused. 
However, i still like Greenview's dish after having not eaten this dish in ages. Look at the size of that prawn, all gooey with the sauce and succulent ( with prawn roe etc ).  I think i can just eat this dish on my own and then worry about the cholesterol later.

Prices of Sang Har Meen vary in different places. Lyrical Lemongrass introduced us to the RM9-10 version in Sungai Wang which i thought was pretty awesome, then there is Wong Soon Kee's brother's version which... for a tai chau cost me RM52( my dad's eyes' popped ) and the prices of the likes of Greenview and King Crab. So, depending on your budget, you have varying choices.

Look at my lovely er crab body.... This was the curry butter flavor i think. Surprisingly this was much tastier than our usual dish of sweet and sour.Did i see a crab eye below???

Though it looks very small, trust me, the crab had a lot of meat. The sauce was pretty awesome as well to go with the fried mantau.  

More shellfish to clog up our arteries ..... kum heong clams. Not really my favorite though i heart the sauce, shellfish and i don't get a long very well. Actually i think they are lala, but they look like those clams in the vongole dishes. My friends all say it is yummy so i guess it is :)


I do find that over the years, Greenview's taste has some what changed, or i have more preference has changed after eating many other restaurants. However, as the old school restaurants in Petaling Jaya, for a mildly luxurious meal ( as in high cholesterol kind ), this would be the right place. 

Ah......... i am so craving for Sang Har Meen now. -__________-". 

The locale: 
Green View Restaurant
6 & 8, Jalan 19/3
46300 Petaling Jaya
Tel No: 03 - 7958 1076


  1. I can courier some to you if you want, from kow siew in pandan indah.

  2. think the last time we went greenview was like a year ago.. I remember we visited Frances in hospital after that

  3. @JOYCE: Confession. It is that post.

  4. So the meen's price increased ka?

  5. @jason: i think got lor. Meen size shrank as well



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