Sunday, 16 January 2011

Move over Ninja Joe, it's Neko's Pork Burgers (with Jarrod & Rawlin's help)

Ok, my name for the burger might not be as catchy as Ninja Joe. ... But i think my Jarrod and Rawlin's pork burgers are much better than Ninja Joe'! In terms of size that is. Recently Ninja Joe pork burgers open up in Sunway. Gosh you can see the stars in my family's eyes when they saw the word pork burgers...  kinda looks something like the below

Picture Courtesy of Ethan @ Onion Head
Pork burger is not a rarity in KL, just that it's either to far to go and eat it or sometimes to fat to eat. However we did manage to try Ninja Joe, my opinion it is a tiny bit too small even for someone who eats as little as me and looks a bit like my jollibee picture. ( But it definitely tasted better than Jollibee) I like a good burger that is not so processed or sounds too fast foody but once in a while i will try these places.

Neko's Pork Burger copy
Pork... mmmmmm
Back to the story of my Neko Burger. No, no cats inside. Bought the patty from J&R. Cost quite a bomb as well for 4 pieces. Buns courtesy of Carrefour, which was pretty awesome. Since i was lazy to eat out ( eat out also got lazy one ) all i needed to do was shallow fry the burger patties and add the salad and the other condiments. The patties are thick so they take about 6-8 minutes to cook on both sides. Pork needs to cooked thoroughly and to test if it is cooked, poke it with a fork. If the juices ooze out means it is about nicely done. If you like it more cooked, keep it a bit longer.

Condiments are another important thing for the burger, i kept it simple with some cucumbers, lettuce and a dash of tomato sauce to add some tang. And slap the warm toasty bun on as well. And wa la! Dinner is served!

While i rarely like junk food, i do not mind my own home made burgers ( or rather 3/4 store bought versions ) at, least you can control the condiments you add in! 

Okay... this is a lazy one pic post :) 2 more weeks to CNY everyone.


  1. i miss the onion head. :) We used to use alot of those a long time ago.

  2. Those are "hearts" in the eyes, not stars! LOL

  3. @joyce: yeah i miss them too :(
    @Jason: lol cannot find the star one leh.

  4. @joyce: yeah i miss them too :(
    @Jason: lol cannot find the star one leh.



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