Sunday, 12 December 2010

Siew Yoke, how i love thee (Wong Kee Pudu Siew Yoke)

I have to say, there is nothing better than Malaysian food. Hence i find it extremely hard to leave Malaysia sometimes. Because of the food. Sorry parents, two dogs, you kinda take a bit of the back seat when it comes to food.  And food inspires a country. How many times do you find yourself after going to another country, that you say you love that country's food more than malaysian food? Rare, i guess.  I definitely did not say that for food in China. B-A-D.Japan so far is the only one that comes pretty close.

On trips back where i get to spend more than 2.5 days back, it's normally eat till you gorge time :)  And so happens the last trip back was about Siew Yoke. A few of my colleagues and i were on the hunt for the infamously good Siew Yoke in Pudu.  Actually this is my first time eating the Pudu place, after eating Mui-Mui in Happy Garden and Mr Alex's at USJ 9 which are equally good, i was wondering how good can the Pudu place be?

Finding this porky place was quite a challenge, if you are not familiar with the Pudu. And because of the rumors of long queues, we decided to be there 12 sharp on the dot. I even googled a few famous food bloggers who indicated the shop opens @ 11am. Ok. We are good to go. However, things never go as plan. It was kinda dubious when we reached the shop @ 11:45 there was no queue. There was just this few old timers sitting there, "shaking legs" and the shop looked bare except for a few measly chicken hanging around in the roast lines.Where the heck is the roast pork??


Then... i noticed the sign. "What??" Only open at 12:30pm? That was the longest 40 minutes of my life actually.  I do not like waiting for food ( if i am not cooking it ) and i do not like waiting in Q for food as well. ... And surprisingly despite having the chooks around, no one was eating the chooks.  So does it mean their chooks are not as great as the pork?

Thank god for the  cameras though, where i can self entertain. Anyone remember this drink we had as kids? Heck my dad said it was around his time!  Don't know what possessed me to order carbonated drinks but Kickapoo is my all time old school favorite joy juice.

After what seems like eternity. [Small talk also dried up already... people were just hungry] The smell of roast pork wafted from behind the restaurant. And the industrious Indon maids brought out rows and rows of the pork. By the way, i think we could only place order once the pork comes out. We ordered 3 rows, for 3 persons and soon, the store owner  was happily chopping away slabs of pork for the customers. Streams of people started to walk in as well.

I have to say, as a kid, i didn't really like roast pork for some reason. My father swears that as a child i was as picky as i can get.  However, now if you ask my, how do i count the ways i love roast pork? Let me start...

1) Crunchy Skin. The crunchier the better. But please don't make me break my teeth lah..
2) Succulent flesh. Goes extremely well with the crunchy skin. Melts in your mouth, not on your plate.
3) Warm, toasty siew yoke. Mmmmmm ( sounds like Homer Simpson )


The smell of warm roasted pork is something you don't get to smell very often, not unless you are the roast pork shop owner. Once the waitress set the dish down in front of us, wah.. i feel like my dog Kelly, saliva drooling all over the place :)  It smells so good, you want to break into song. Though... i was a bit curious why is the meat a bit er shreddy.

So, how did it taste? Pretty good actually. Despite the shreddy appearance, the pork was flavorful and the meat was not soft neither was it too rough.  The skin was the awesome bit. Crunchy with the right amount of salty.  I can hear my self going "crunch, crunch" while biting into pork skin. Hah, Lechon can't hold up to our siew yoke lah. And it is pretty addictive, you can't stop piling this piggy on your plate.
Customary yellow( oil ) rice, that is found in most roast shops. Note the big crater because 1) was hungry, had to attack something. 2) Bored. Decided to dig hole as well.

Funny thing is, it took 40 minutes for the pork to be served and less than 10 minutes for us to wallop the plate away.  While the shop does serve roast chicken and BBQ pork, i heard it cannot compared to this roasted wonder. Price is also a wonder, it's RM15 a strip. But it is quite worth the money though. Probably after all that fat, i needed to swim and run 10 more times teehehehe. Now, i know why malaysians far and wide, love the roast pork in this place.

One more shot for the hungry :) damn. i crave this now. Just noticed in the picture below, my colleague flattened all his rice. -_-"

The local:
30, Jalan Nyonya (off Jalan Pudu), 
55100 KL. Tel: 03-2145 2512.

Since this place is a bit difficult to find, Google map here for a more specific location. Woot! Can't wait for my Christmas break so i can eat this!

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  1. Ah. Heard of this place too but never been there before. Siew yoke is one of my favourite food as well, one of the best is in Kampar, last time I had that was like 8 years ago. :(

    So you are back from good old Manila? Just saw on the news that some guy got shot to dead in Manila street while walking to work. Gee.

  2. @bact: aiya.. here is a murder a day... so the biasa already. Yeah i am still here. Not sure when roll off date yet.

  3. Shreddy! Hahaha, I think I know what you mean. :p

  4. Manila got so bad? I thought only in Mexico. Be careful though. Better come back earlier.

  5. @jason: yeah it is shreddy in the picture :P
    @Bact: Hehehehe hopefully lah soon



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