Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Riblee's @ Sri Hartamas ... ah malaysian food rocks

My usual makan gang has a theory. Never mess with a hungry person. Especially when a person has low blood pressure. It makes you have headaches and cranky unless food gets in your digestion system. That's what we all discovered on our trip to Riblees.  It was a session done on friday which is normally not our usual day for makan sessions as we know it is jammed pack. The usual working crew was split all over town, some in Subang and the rest in the heart of KL.  And Riblee's was smack in the middle. The journey from Subang to Hartamas was littered with ....... traffic. And 2 cranky people in the car.  I don't think my brother finds me a good companion especially when my low BP acts up :D and not in a car especially.  It was our first time visiting Mashi's brand new haus ( nice haus btw ) and the security guard really didn't see the better light of me that day with his rather inane questions. By the time LW arrived, we all edgy and stomachs growling, we all jumped into Beck's car and headed of to Hartamas. Oh, that was day Brazil played Portugal in the World Cup.. Exciting (*yawn*) match... and having your dinner interlaced with the sounds of vuvuzela was rather ... disturbing.

However, Riblee's managed to lift our ( or should i say my ) spirits. A quiet and rather unassuming place above Al Rahji, this place is owned by a friend of a friend's. And hey, friend was there that day :) Did we get discounts?? I gotta have more friends that own restaurants now!   It's an eclectic place. Where decoration have a mix of western and eastern influences. On one side of the wall, pics from Spain and some parts of Europe, while on the right, was a Ming vase.
However, it was undeniable what is the favorite meat that was served here.  No prizes for guessing with all the not so subtle clues all around the place.

The restaurant is manned by non locals, who speak perfect english ( better than the locals ) but have problem figuring out the types of utensils we require to eat dinner! However, they were good in checking on things that were not on the menu for us that we wanted to order.  Some restaurants, the waiter will just stare at you blankly, this one took the initiative to check with the boss.  By the way, this is a ribs place.If you like ribs, you are in the right place. They even have wild boar ribs.

Our appetizers came up first, was highly recommended by blogs etc, which was the smokey bacon rolls. Made to order, these little rolls are prepared upon ordering and comes piping hot. Gorgeous bacon slices are wrapped around carrots, asparagus and prawn slices and then deep fried.  Needless to say people on diet, this is not for you. I could eat like two of these :) *nom, nom*

Makan gang now orders a lot of salads, and we realized veggie can taste yummy and healthy but ... heck ... we throw in a duck to ensure we get the sinful parts as well :) I love duck and orange together. The citrus gets rid of the cloying taste and adds some zest ( however my last experience in france with a duck and orange was less than pleasant )

I ordered something not in their menu, but available as a picture on their website. Scampi Risotto!!  Since coming back from Italy, i am always on the hunt for good Risotto. I do like rice ( but only in lunch and dinner and not breakfasts, and depending on combination of food types ) i think if i worked in Italy, i could eat this daily :)  I was quite pleased the cook obliged us by making this dish for us despite being not in the menu and i think this was a winner in our books. Surprisingly a non porky dish made came out tops. And i think i found my favorite risotto place. Before this dish hit the table, i could smell it wafting away as the waiter brought it. The dish brought a lot of ooohs and aaahs from us when it was placed in front of us. Not only did it look gorgeous, smelt like heaven in my opinion.  The luscious scampi standing up right was tender without being over cooked. The rice was tender without being dry and the lovely helpings of scampi oil just added a wonderful touch. Actually we were on the verge of ordering a second round before someone in the makan gang remembered we ordered a gargantuan pork knuckles or was it pork roast.

It amused me to see the dish served up in a metal try, kinda like those in the army, but laden with salad, sauerkraut , roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes and of course, the babi itself.  My first sentence when i saw the dish was "Gosh that was @#$@ huge!!" It can be good for at least 8 persons and there was only 5 of us!! Despite being extremely full, had to try a piece of this meat. The meat is tender, goes well with the simple brown sauce and i like mine with sauerkraut and the veggies. I think if you want to order this, skip the rest of the stuff.  It's good on it's own and has no or little pork smell. We could not finish this and i think LW got stuck with taking the remaining back for sandwiches!

There was no dessert for us. Of course. I would really look piggy if we had desserts. Coffee was provided by Mashi who introduced me to butterscotch coffee? Awesome!  

Riblee's have their menu on their website: click me to launch and drool. I am definitely going back to try the rest of the menu. Note that if you like fish, they also have other types of meats, don't despair. But if you leave it up to me... i would have eaten the scampi on my own *burp* This blog shall now be name eating diaries of a greedy cat. 

Ok, i titled this ah malaysian food rocks, because i miss malaysian food :(  Even malaysian western food hehehehe.

Riblee's Restaurant
Wisma CKL 41-1, Jalan 23/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
(Above Al-Rajhi Bank, Opposite Burger King)

Business Hours:
7 days a week
12:00pm - 2.30pm, 6:00pm - 11:00pm


  1. Finally you posted this ^^ When shall we go again?

  2. so glad to see many & many more new oink oink restaurants popping up!

  3. @uli: hehehe i will let you know. It is OD special edition session
    @mimi: hehehe yes, long time ago, they is super sparse!

  4. What is the price like? The menu is so tempting. Can't wait for weekends...

  5. @bact: for the 5 of us, it was in the price range of 200-300.

  6. it is kinda expensive ain't it.
    just went to istana bambu for ramadan buffet.. not bad, 50 bucks per pax.

  7. @bact: buffet not my thing. But it is good quality food at riblees so i am ok to fork out a bit more.

  8. OMG! This is one of my fav pork restaurant too!

    You miss the best part ....

    St. Louise Style Ribs and the angel hair pasta which fried with plenty of fresh pork lards.

    My previous directory post on Riblees ...

    P/S : Don't laugh lo ... all those pix were taken with point and shoot camera and I was still a noob in photography back then

  9. @foodpoi: neh, won't laugh lah... all of us started the same way. Anyway, we should have a pork gathering sometime hehehe... my friend's friend own's the place!

  10. the smokey rolls look so baaaaaaaaaaaadddd

  11. lookss yummyyyy. me want to tryyy sometime

  12. @amelyn: They are "bad" :)
    @Lee Eng: ok.. organize an event! :)



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