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Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd @ Damansara Utama

I am never a fan of dim sum restaurant chains as I had an expensive experience with Hong Kee Dim Sum several years back and stick to my small coffee shop tim sum places.. However, some chains are worth trying, but not sure about the Q! I wanted to do some manila pics today .... but sadly i forgot to bring my cable to download pics and i am still figuring out how my little netbook's SDK card reader works! 

So, looking what i have manage to upload to flickr before i left KL, i found my dim-sum post. This was another one of those cousin gatherings and this time, it was my b'day! Cousins asked what i wanted to eat, i wanted Dim Sum, because it was a lunch gathering and dinner, i was planning to have a quiet one with my parents. Jin Xuan has 2 branches, one in DJ and one in DU, we headed to the DJ branch but to our dismay, the queue was as long as the a queue for the premier of Eclipse in US. T__T. We decided to head over to the DU branch and surprisingly the queue was less ... long.  Cousin says this branch is not so good, but since we have never tried any before, it would be difficult for us to compare!

This is the typical pushcart style dim sum, comes either in a cart or restaurant workers carrying an array of goodies and they waft it under your nose to tempt you. The first one that i saw, which i have not eaten in a long time is .... prawn balls! Outside is layered with cubed bread and inside is prawn paste! And of course it is fried... hence making it an awesome combination. Damn, i am craving this now. Manila chinese food is pretty strange and sweet ... like our rather sweet Chinese seafood last night -___________-... ( think it was a fail in our books or rather mine anyway)
jin xuan-001
And the other favorite for us was the radish cake. Just enough wok hei to make it tasty.  I got the feeling my cousin was pretty hungry,  because she was grabbing food before it hit the table! Must be no breakfast :) Hence the pictures don't look so poised! By the way, the radish cakes has small cubes of Chinese sausage inside, if i recall, making it even yummier than before.
jin xuan-002

My cousins say this is yummy, but i thought this was rather rich after 2 or 3 bites. It's actually a bun, or pau with salted egg creamy filling. It tastes good but i feel that it should be smaller. I could not finish it on my own and if you want to share be careful when you cut it, because it ... oozes out... literally.I like the sunny yellow color though. Reminds me of the color of DiGi! Yellow man bun!
jin xuan-003

Some steamed stuff besides the fried stuff, this one is Scallop dumplings ( with no wings :) ). There is a full scallop inside the dumpling and it's not chopped scallop or something like that. Under the scallops, there was mince of pork and prawns as well. Good one to order! 
jin xuan-006
The perennial favorite of most dim sum places are siew mai. Jin Xuan does it pretty well. No pork smell or anything.
jin xuan-004

Some thing i used to eat a lot as a kid, sesame balls with lotus filling. We had it cut up to smaller bits so that we can share this.
jin xuan-005
I always like glutinous rice dishes, like those in weddings ( hor yip fan ) and such , hence, i will always order this dish even in dim sum places. The one in Jin Xuan is quite good. The rice, wrapped in the hor yip, has a nice smell and has a lot of hidden goodies within the rice, like pork, sausages and some chestnuts. However cuz doesn't really like it, did smell some porky smell here. But by this time, we were quite full as there were some dim sum we ordered that did not make the pictures above here.
jin xuan-007
Just when you thought you can't eat any more, we ordered 2 types of dessert, the mango pudding and our kwai lin kou. The latter is suppose to give you good skin :). The mango pudding is topped with evaporated milk but unlike the one some other shops i have eaten, this was not too sweet which makes it pleasant to eat. The kwai lin kou, was a bitterish without tasting like bitter gourd and you can top some syrup on top of it. If you are not into bitter stuff then this might not be the dessert for you. I think Jin Xuan's version of the dessert was quite good.  

Sadly i think i missed out taking pics of the Chee Cheong Fun and one or 2 other food dishes. For one the places is pretty packed and to move around juggling your camera and the tight place squeeze is tough! But hopefully, i can get a second time here in the place :) think the parents will like this place. I pretty much like this place because it is quite a fair amount of variety to choose from. So much so, there is only so much your stomach can eat at one go without turning into a pig. 

The locale:
Address: No. 63G & 65G, Jalan SS21/60,
Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


  1. Good enough to be compared to Ipoh's dim sum?

  2. Yep...Chinese food in Manila can be a bit strange n sweet...even worse no sweet chilli sauce anywhere...duhhhhh...

  3. hey wai yee....i tried the one at puchong branch...not their dim sum and their dinner menu

  4. They have many branch already in KL-Puchong...geng!

  5. @j2kfm: hmm... possible :)
    @Ulric: Oh yes... i am still not used to it.
    @Uli: Sedap leh this one :)

  6. I love their lau sar bao, drooling~

  7. I miss malaysia food!

  8. @Johnson: wah... you discovered my blog.... Yes i think i found my mostest fav dim sum place liao
    @mimi: hehehe drool some more
    @bact: utilize your fly backs! And makan till you pop

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