Sunday, 7 February 2010

Buonasera, SS2

I must admit. After 4 unsuccessful times i tried to come to Buonosera, finally i was able to make a visit to this Italian restaurant in SS2. My attempts were either foiled by other restaurant choices, or Monday shop closure or the weather. Yes, even the weather had a play in this dastardly act. One Saturday though, dad promised that if it did not rain, we go. And it DID NOT rain last Saturday, yeah! (Ok 3 saturdays ago. This is a damn old post )

Buonosera was featured on the papers on Sunday and i was finally able to convince dad to try this. Two things that got him interested. Italian and Pork. Otherwise if the paper did not put out the review, i doubt i will be able to convince him ( He's quite stubborn sometimes when it comes to food )  Parking is not really the best here, so if you want to find a space, come early. However we were lucky, we got a place in front of a stinky drain.

It's a unpretentious place. Simple deco ( no fake vines like what Ky mentioned - taken down already ) but warm and inviting. And the menu, pretty extensive in my opinion. From salads to appetizers to full course meals, Buonasera has it.

Since there were only 3 of us, we decided to order pastas seperately. Since this is the 1st unhalal Italian restaurant I have been to, i naturally ordered Sakura Pork with Linguine in Pomodoro sauce.

Sakura pork is actually pork with no beta antogonist. Does it taste any different from pork with? Can't tell really? It was tender some bits, my dad had a rather tough piece but other than that the pork was fine. The sauce? Lovely. Pomodoro is tomato  based sauce, it was nice and tangy without being over sour.

Dad's dish was the most expensive, costing RM32 for his favorite Seafood pasta. It is chockful of seafood of fish, prawn, mussels and  squid. The squid is hiding though in this picture.  Dad proclaims this is as good as the one we had in Napoli. I must think so, he finished it faster than you can say boo.

Mom was no fan of pork or seafood, so she ordered fish pasta in the same sauce. Though the fish fillets were fried, however it did not have that oily feel as some shops does it. She would have... preferred it not fried :) but the sauce got everyone approving it anyway. One word of warning though The sauce is already tangy, so if you really love lemons, and want to add on... please just add a small drop. Mom had a rather tangy version of her sauce because 1) she's kiasu, add as much as the lemon as possible 2) Must make full use of whatever is in your plate concept sometimes does not work! We like the cheese strips added on top. Pretty tasty Cheese!

For dessert, we had the pistachio gelato but didn't get on the pics as was not so interestingly posed. But i think the gelato in Italy is way much better. Not as creamy here. 

The choices of dishes in Buonosera is amazing. Much better than Allegro's in SS15 and variety of meats used is endless. I think my parents have this on their top-of-the-italian-list of restaurants. Sometimes they also serve specials which i was pleased that one of the specials were risotto but i hope they serve it as a normal dish instead of a special. If you are lost for choice, the owner is pretty helpful on what to recommend, mind you, he has an exteremely sharp ear though. Caught me saying something from the far end of the room - luckily for me it was not nasty comment i was saying. < sheepish >

Parking is a pain here but still manageable. I think i want the sausage dish next ... :P ... All mine, mine, mine the nom nom. Note the restaurant is small so if you want a big crowd, call ahead for reservations. Closed monday.

Note: Sorry guys, have not been blogging recently because I have not been having the mood to do so. Probably kick this back up slowly.

42, Jalan SS 2/66
Petaling Jaya
Tel No: 03-7877 8586


  1. Nice captures :) Parking is a pain again???? Ouchhh! This remind me the Pantai Seafood =.="

  2. This place not so bad. At LEAST you can find a place to park. But you and hubby should try this place. Very nice food.

  3. No problemo! Blogging is not a compulsory task anyway, blogging by interest is far more better than blogging by the need to impress!

    Gasp, nice place. But we only go to PJ like.. 3 times a year? :( No chance for me to try it..



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