Tuesday, 15 December 2009

OooH Toys!!!!!!!!!!

Before i left my company, some of my colleagues had a farewell for me. Ah ... so nice of them. Also got tortured into speech making which i absolutely don't like :P.... To be honest, i did not expect it, am touched they did give me a farewell and was pleased i did not CRY. Acheivement of the day. I will not go into the details of the farewell dinner, it can be read here... from one of my ex-staff and good friend.

However, today i am showcasing my other hobby which is ... Still life photography or product photograpy of ... Anime toys. Luckily they get me a PG rated toy so i can showcase it. :) You know how those anime toys are. I love to collect those which anime i have watched such as Harumi Suzumiya, Full Metal Alchemist and Inuyasha but the list is endless.

I have recently been following the site by Happy Soda on lighting for Product Photography and am trying to make my kiamsap lighting studio with less than RM50. And so i did. I got my old desk lamp ( which is free ), a stand lamp from ikea for 16 but bulb is around 29. Shoe box is free and tracing paper (RM0.50) to make a diffuser. Hehehe..  Of course my twilight books became my "tripod" as i was doing this on the floor.

Results are below. Need to change the bulb a bit but otherwise kiamsap lighting studio is acheivable! It is a bit yellow as it was probably due to the WB but otherwise tweakable. Have the new daylight bulb already, today i will take picture of Neji :)


Damn, next time when i start travelling while working, still life photography can only be done once in a while!  Oh well, back to the other type of photography then.... I have a few of these in my cupboard, gotta start taking more man....


  1. Shoe box for wat ar? The black color base and background using wat ar? Hehehe...nice anime...your colleague so "yao ann gong"...hahaha!

  2. Hehehe, shoe box makes a cheap light diffuser. Cover the tracing paper over it and shine the light. Aiya should have taken a picture how the set up should look like.

    The black paper is just 50 cents from stationary to provide the backing. It's damn kiamsap.

  3. Ya u should teach paper is the sugar paper is it? Cheap setup create good effect, ok wat...hehe!

  4. If you are free one of these weekends, i can come over to your place and set up then you can try try and take some shots.Yes you can use sugar paper or paper with any color. Planning to buy some pinky ones as well.. :)

  5. Thanks for the great offer but this weekend I can't le...nvm, next time u teach in ur blog and become my guru :D



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