Friday, 25 December 2009

Chef Diary, Medan Damansara

Discovering new places to eat is part of the fun of being a flogger. And every now and then there are places that really gives you the uumph factor without breaking the bank. I must say Chef's diary is one of the places we found that we truly enjoy! Though it was not the first choice of restaurant for the day.

Our usual makan event was postpone once ( and had 2 members thinking it was on the wrong day :P ) before we finally settled for a Monday. However...... lo and behold it turn out to be last minute search for restaurants... Our original choice of Dish was CLOSED on monday ( what? ) and so was our second choice Buonosera ( SS2 ).  Out of our minds ( Reunion was our last choice ) i remember JL wanted to try Chef Diary [ unfortunately he didn't join us that day - hahaha - go lah George and the Dragon ] so we decided to try it without him * snicker *. Mashi did the last minute bookings, and we were set.  And i am quite glad we picked this instead of Reunion.

Firstly, this place is pretty secluded in the hills of Medan Damansara. Jakun me, was amazed by the sizes of houses here ...  O_O. Yeah, they are big houses here.  Secondly, i like the door in this restaurant! It's a flip door ( no pics, next round lah ).... Push one side for in, push the other side for out... and the interiors were luscious... nice chairs and simplistic. Will take more pics when we go for the next round. It's a pretty small place, so please book before you go. Story has it as well, that this place is owned by a sister of an ex-colleague in my old office. So... if you know who i am, you'd probably meet ALOT of my ex company people here. We did meet a few as well that day there celebrating pre-early Christmas dinner.

Menu is sufficient, though some may be a bit steep but the rest are in my books reasonable. We took to sharing of course- so we can sample more dishes.

Complementary bread was served with a dose of balsmic vinegar and the bread lightly toasted with garlic. Since we were starving, we quickly finished this.

While checking out some of the items on the menu, we were in glee over this comment in the menu! What is out of order in this case? I think it means, not being offered.

Our order of salad came, which was Crab meat salad. Mind you, it is not crabstick but fresh crab meat, served with a dose of honey ( it was sweetish ) and very well received for being refreshing. I could eat 2 of these.

Our order of tapas ( only tapas we took ) which is fried goat's cheese in cranberry sauce. I called the sauce, chilli sauce. It was kinda dark in the restaurant - lol!... But actually no, it was cranberry sauce. It goes well with this dish as the sauce being sourish and sweetish off sets the cheesy taste making it an enjoyable snack.

I ABSOLUTELY ADORED the next dish of Vodka chicken pasta. Who would have thought the taste was so excellent. The dash of vodka added in a tinge to the pasta that it is kinda like drinking sprite and feeling the fizz on your tongue. The whole group gave it 4 thumbs up. I would ordered it again next week. Chicken pieces were tender and i think it was marinated with the same sauce, not just cut and added in to be tossed.

Mashi's piece de resistance came next, duck breast in cranberry sauce ( hmm again... ) topped with pan fried foie gras....

The duck, very tender and no game smell. The foie gras according to the 2 fan-see was excellent. There is a side serving of mashed potato and salad to go with this. The potato salad was pretty good as well, definitely topped with butter and milk to add to the taste. If you are a fan of duck and foie gras, this is a must order.

We had 2 serving of desserts, one was free as our order was a bit slow but i am thankful because the owner gave us a very delicious order of Flour-less chocolate cake as part of the free dessert. Before that, the one we ordered was Profiteroles... mmm ... it's actually cream puff with vanilla flavored ice cream, drenched in chocolate sauce. No wonder they call it Profiteroles. Shorten the name. The ice cream was really cold, and after all the other flavors, this was quite refreshing.
Our favorite dessert for the night, flourless chocolate cake. Awesome. Made with almond instead of flour, this was absolutely delightful.

Chef's diary has a lot of cute and strange look dishware as well, so when coffee was served for mashi, they brought this cute bowl for brown sugar with the cutest spoon.

We had a wonderful dinner, not explodingly full which is good  and we could not get enough of some of the dishes. So much so, we plan to bring JL for his farewell-before-germany dinner next week. Ok lah, excuse for us to eat here again mah. Also hopefully, we can get the order for scallops next ( they ran out of scallops that day )

Those who want to make New Year's eve, Valentine's day a special day, recommended you come here. Food is good here as well as it is quite a nice and quiet place - not a lot of parking issues.

They are also on a blog, in which you can reach here. Click me!

The Locale:
No.26-G, Medan Setia 2, 
Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara, 
Tel: 03-2095-0305


  1. Yummy food pix but why the caption seems cacat abit?

  2. Problem with the template of the blog and picture size. It cuts it a bit. I need to find a template that allows me full size pictures.

  3. You can host ur photos in photobucket then copy paste the html code into ur blog...

  4. Er .. uli.. i am already doing that a long time ago. It's the size of the blog template frame lah.



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