Saturday, 25 July 2009

Mr Ho's Not so fine food?

These days, i am all tired. Work is turning to pretty much a disaster compared to before. I am not sure if i see any light at the end of the tunnel. Wait.. i don't even think there is a tunnel. It is a brick wall i am walking into. Anyway, i do not want to complain anymore - it is pointless, i thought i put my pent up anger into writing a post.

You know, i used to rave about Mr Ho. And i was sorely disappointed when they moved out of midvalley. And i found them again in Plaza Hartamas, with a limited menu. Recently we found them again in Puchong with slightly larger menu than hartamas. But how i wish the midvalley one returned.

My dad used to be a big fan of this place, i am not sure how he thinks about it now. And note i rarely give a bad review, i don't think this place is bad, just that previous shops i were great, i just feel there should be some improvement to an instituition i thought really served great food.

For those who are not aware, Mr Ho specializes in pork, pork, pork and nothing but pork. With a few chicken, seafood thrown in. There once extensive menu in Midvalley has now some what reduced in their 2 branches. My mom's favorite seafood pasta is no longer there and gone are the siew yoke fan. Though the pork knuckles are still there if you are keen.

Since mom is not a pork fan due to health reasons, she decided for this roast chicken option. With a side of veggie and mash potato. I think the chicken quarter was rather small. When it came. It looks huge here thanks to Great photography but... actually it was small - leh. It smelt rather nice though but mom said the meat was not tender and rather tough. And the veggie - her complain it was too little ( tasty though ) but little. I tried a bit of the potato - pretty good! Milky mash potatoes. Mom wants me to say this dish was not so great.

Dad as usual loves roast pork, so he ordered roast pork with apple sauce. I didn't try the sauce but the pork was succulent. Although, heating it up a bit more might this more succulent. Sorry, the pic is awful here. I was trying to play with the flash

My order of Pesto with bacon. It looked nice but when i tried a bite of it, salt was lacking :(. And to add salt later sometimes give it a different taste that normally you achieve if you actually cook it with sauce. Sigh, very disappointed.

I must say, i am pretty saddened this wonderful restaurant did not give really good tasting food. However, i still feel this place could do with some improvement. I hope to check it out a few months later to see if there is some improvement on this food here.

Those interested, Mr Ho is located at Bandar Puteri Puchong. I can't remember the add, it was some where in the house.


  1. Aiyo, so bad hence the last sentence "somewhere in the house"? Hehe.

    Yeah, it's sad to see good makan places turned bad :( but it's not easy to maintain the QC as well... just appreciate whatever good food we can have at the moment-lor...

  2. I live around this place. Every time I pass by the shop I've the impression that it's a copy of the real Mr. Ho's. I can't understand why such an est. name would want to open in Puchong! Most nights it's empty.

    I rather go to Ribs@Oasis@BU

  3. @jason: yaloh ... i was very disappointed leh. Er btw - that sentence ah my typo hehehe

    @micheal: i agree! actually it baffled me as well my hopes for it to be exactly like the one in Midvalley were quite dashed. Actually there are also some good places to eat pork - will post later :)



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