Saturday, 20 June 2009

Pasta Zanmai @ Sunway

I think the older you get the more you hate monday. I sometimes am so lethargic on mondays that i had to put a status on MSN - "Monday and i need to break up ... we don't get along very well ... " much to the amusement to alot of people on my msn list. One cheekily replied ... "so you need to date tuesdays till Sunday only?" hehehe no lah i just hate mondays. Well, i was supposed to work on something tonite but then i decided to relax by playing silly facebook games and blog.

Writting this post makes me think how cute my mom can be sometimes when she wants something. Last week, dad was back in ipoh for about a week and the rest of us didn't go back. Mom came up to me one night while i was eating dinner with a flyer in her hands.

Mom: Look! New restaurant in Sunway, with discount! ( eyes big like puppy at this point )
Me: huh.... what ah? Oh Pasta Zanmai....
Mom: It's got beef and stuff is on 20% discount .. ( discount gets mentioned again here.. )
Me: ok lah, ok lah, we try this weekend since dad is not around ....

Ah, you must think it is funny we try things without my dad around ... well basically he is a wee bit more fussy than mom and has strange ideas about food. He's the one that says ramen is not wantan mee, hence he still prefers wantan mee. -_-".... Anway the idea is we try it first then convince him to go once mom gives the seal of approval. Smart eh? Worked a few times already.

So come Saturday, we (armed with our discount coupons ) marched up to Pasta Zanmai. Mom was always fascinated with this Zanmai chain of food. Throughly impressed with the speed and efficiency of Sushi Zanmai ( she observes this restaurant very closely in 1U while waiting for us ) and also the queue - she was curious to find out if it had the same craze as its' sister company Sushi Zanmai.

However, Pasta Zanmai did not have that long long queue as Sushi but the place was a bit crowded. One thing i notice, the waiters/resses are nice and quite obliging. I didn't want to sit next to a couple ( hey it's odd ) and insisted we sit in their round family tables and the waiter was quite ok with it. Ordering was also and issue - because the choices was too many and distracted us a bit too much. Finally we placed our orders and waited for our food. Naturally for food bloggers, it meant .... picture taking!

I love this plate above ... ... I mau curi balik ini hehehe.

I got mom to try this - Chuka Wakame. Told her to try this and it's not like raw meat... she will like it, i told her. And, surprisingly, she did. I guess it looks like Jelly fish to her and tastes a bit like it, hence that is why she enjoyed it. Though we thought the yellow odd one there was real jelly... Any one know what that is?? I found bird's eye chilli in this dish by accident. Heck, it added a lot of kick to my dish.

Despite having a discount offer, i decided to pick something from their promo range instead. Needed some instant iron, I called for their Sirloin Steak Spicy Pasta. Ok... it was really spicy i must say. Didn't know the japanese ate so spicy O_o. However the sirloin steak was excellent, albeit a bit mooey. Mom was pretty shock i can eat so raw a meat, well it was nice, cooked on the outside but reddish inside. Very nice and tender. Worth my RM23 for this dish.

Lil Bro love their version of creamy clams and pasta - according to him it is not jelakky despite it was cream. And it comes loaded with Kinoko mushrooms and clams. I tasted a bit of the sauce and he was right! And the type of mushroom seems to add a more smokey flavor to the tastes.

Mom's also spicy chicken pasta. Hehehe, spicy today was really spicy in our books. We had 2-3 jugs of cold green tea to go with. She says it was not bad but the chicken was a bit tough - her preference for chicken breasts would have made the dish much better.

Ah,.. finally something from our discount voucher, we saw this Banana Chocolate Parfait going for RM12 instead of RM15. Wow, 3 persons can eat this. There is a layer of cornflakes inside that does not really taste like normal kellogg's cornflakes, in fact it tasted like home made flakes, added a bit of crunch to the whole dessert. And the ice cream, i believe is not from your run of the mill Walls. Suspect it's japanese ice cream. Texture is a bit different.

I must say this a place i will come back again to try. A bit pricey but for the price, the food is not too bad.

Pasta Zanmai is located near the Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid. By the way, this was supposed to be a monday post that ended up on Saturday :(. See how lazy and tired i am. :P


  1. wao~nice wor..spicy chicken pasta and the ice cream, I wanna to try 1 day. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I like their pasta~~

  3. So it's a spicy beef pasta? Not bad wor your mom, mine dont like western food at all.



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