Friday, 1 May 2009

How's about ice?

On such a hot day like this, i could only crave for the above.... anyone knows a good ice kacang stall in PJ? Subang? No? Guess I have to settle for my magnum in the fridge. By the way - this lovely ice kacang comes from Ipoh, at the shops near the stadium. Grandma could also finish 1 whole bowl on her own ( that is how much she likes it hehehe )


  1. Definitely need one at this freaking hot weather!!! I like mine with lots of gula Melaka~~

  2. It's kinda cold where I'm at, at the moment. Drove the car to work on Thursday morning and there was ice everywhere!! :P

    Instead of ice-creams, I'm having hot soups and hot teas. :D

  3. @mimi: sigh i want 2 bowls man...
    @amelyn: hehehe weather down under is terbalik.. but if i were at Oz, i'd be wanting the same as well.



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