Friday, 10 April 2009

Neko's Hunt for Mr Ho's!

Ah.. the illusive Mr Ho...... You know, previously i complained, i mean blogged about looking for Mr Ho, but ended up in Bonga... Nevertheless, i never gave up, and still hunted ( hunger ) for Mr Ho's siew yoke.... Plus it would be nice to give dad his favorite dinner treat on his birthday. After many phone calls to Mr Ho's meat shop at BSC, i finally found HIM! (Like finding mr right... if only it was so easy ) .. And let me say, i found a lot of bloggers looking for him too. After the original shop closed at MidValley, i never looked at mid valley the same again...

Now that i have ... found him, again, we can continue this relationship we have been having... LOL.. Ok i am dramatizing... but yes everyone Mr Ho's Fine Foods is at Plaza Damas. Opposite Nagomi Shabu Shabu in Plaza Damas. The shop, much smaller than the one in Middo, has a meat market and a restaurant that fits about 8-10 tables. I was actually quite pleased to finally find this place - because dad was quite happy to eat here.

However.... there are some slight changes to this place. Menu wise. The famous pork knuckles that they had when in Middo. Not here any more. The seafood marinara my mom so liked - also not available here any more. The siew yoke fan - also not available. We quizzed the cook who was also the waiter, how come the menu was reduced. Apparently they just opened in Plaza Damas not long ago. Originally to be at Solaris, somehow or rather they opened here in Plaza Damas instead ( One suspects the price of rent has a lot to do with it ) and they were only opened a month or so ago. Even the menu looks like a temp menu not like a permanent menu. I didnt really feel like walking out and the poor guy looked so earnest, we stayed on.

Nevertheless we had 3 orders of Roast pork and Spaghetti Olio and Bro had his curry laksa. I do like this atmosphere in the shop... it's quiet and a place where you can sit back and chat ( even though it is with your parents :P ) and enjoy a relaxing dinner. We peaked at our poor waiter/chef busy frying and cooking in the back at the fishbowl kitchen. Dinner took a bit of time to reach us ( approx 15 minutes ) while we took photos ( or brother did ) and climbed up and down the big seats to look at other shops around this place.

Finally, my Roast Pork and Spaghetti Olio arrived!! I can smell it a mile away. Perfection by the way is on the left of the spaghetti. Sorry, picture below not framed correctly-leh. But there are like 10 pieces of nice juicy siew yoke. The pasta nicely done but a tad heavy on the pepper. Other than that, it was fine. Mom commented a nice salad would be even better. The siew yoke- if i remember was as good as the last time i had it... One word - Awesome. Especially the crunchy skin. I can't resist that.

The curry laska picture, didn't make the cut because i was too lazy to go to the otherside of the table. Yes it was a big table. However, bro assures me it was tasty. Maybe when his pictures are up - i just link them. That is what i call lazy. In case you want a closer look @ the pork... here you go.

Despite not having some of our favourites on the menu ( but they might have yours... ) i thought this place still has "it". I also spotted the table behind us having ordinary fried rice but with Bacon!! mMmMmM. And for some reason we got a free Illy coffee. Pretty awesome in my books - reminded me of the coffee i had i italy.

Anway, look no more for Mr Ho, we have found him, hopefully by the next visit, he has more on the menu. Dad wants to try the sandwhich next.

Mr Ho's Fine Food Restaurant
G15 & 16, Ground Floor, Hartamas Shopping Centre @ Plaza Damas, 60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Kuala Lumpur

P/S: Dad, shabu shabu is not a drug... its japanese hot pot :(


  1. I read too fast and instead of Mr. Ho's siew yoke, I read it as stew joke.

    Nice of you to re-discover it again.

  2. Was the siew yoke as good as the one @ Ipoh Ngar Choy Kai??

  3. When west meets east~~

  4. Anonymous10:38 pm

    It was better because it was in everything !!!!

  5. @bacterium: hehehe my eyes do that to me some times.
    @amelyn: better! next time you come over this is your next dinner option. hopefully the menu increases.
    @mimi: yup fusion at its best



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