Saturday, 18 April 2009

Chilli Garlic Crabs and American Idol, don't go well.

Seriously i can't remember if i have blogged this before but... aiya, take it as a new post with my DSLR. ... It's a short post. It's boiling at home and i don't fancy staying in front of the PC to generate more heat to myself. I tell ya, this dish above is my Por Por's original recipe. This was supposed to appear on Thursday's dinner and she even informed me and Lil Bro to come back early for dinner for this BUT when we came back... THERE WERE NO CRABS. I was like what? So we asked where is the crabs.... you know what she says ...? "I was too busy watching American Idol... tomorrow lah" ... my brother and i had the -_-" face. Dad was already immuned to it.

Finally, when the dish appeared on Friday's dinner we were pleased as punch. It's 5 crabs here of flower crab ( far-hai) and must have those with the crab roe. The crab roe is used to make the sauce, cooked with lots of chopped red chilli, garlic and a wee bit of soy sauce to give you the dark color. Stir fry it all together and .. wa-laa a simple dish that warms the bottoms of your tummy. Since my mom is on a low fat diet, she just had 2 claws. Between dad, me and bro we walloped the 5 crabs. *burp*

I remember when we were young, my mom used to cook this for my big bunch of relatives and every one will be just eating crabs. Back then - we did not discover ... cholestrol yet.. :)

And the sauce with crab roe makes excellent dipping for the crab flesh. And with plain white rice. Neko is in crabby heaven already.... *hearts a flutter*... Mom says she takes order again... hehehe.

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