Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Ipoh Nga Choy Kai ... In Midvalley

Sounds weird right? Well no, i found a nga choy kai shop in Midvalley area. Well technically not in gardens nor midvalley but right opposite Delicious of Middo ( that's japanese for midvalley ) at 10 o'clock next to the Nasi Kandar shop is an unassuming shop selling ipoh chicken rice.

Now, i rejoice at the fact that this place is not halal! Because ... jeng-jeng-jeng we have char siew and siew yoke here! I saw it 2 weeks before trying it and one day in our usual family outings, we ran out of things to eat. La manila- too often, Crystal Jade- too often, Japanese- weird reaction from parents... ... Some how nga choy kai seems to be a ok vote for them.

I think this shop is a sister shop to the one in Jalan Gasing as it sounds familiar by way of the tag. Only that place was a lot less messier and cleaner than i last remember. Anyway, one might ask - what so great about this shop compared to the one in Jalan Gasing, well you can eat.. then shop. Work out the calories after that.

We took an order of chicken for 4 persons, char siew, siew yoke and some fish balls. ( I wanted PORK BALLS but mom said too much pork for the day ) And here comes the chook. Look at the texture- smooooth. It's not called wat kai for nothing and mom says good cooks are those who can cook a chicken with this smooth texture ( i think the age of the chook has something to do with this as well ) The chicken doesnt have the chewy texture even though it is chicken breast meat. Given the thumbs up by our family.

What is ipoh nga choi kai without nga choy? Ipoh nga choy are not the skinny kind in KL, it is fat and ... juicy and just cooked by blanching with some soy and sesame oil. And it is on it's own tasty enough. Some how if you try it with the local nga choy.. the feel is a bit different.

My favourite for the day- the char siew and siew yoke. Here i am supposedly eating smooth chicken but then the Char Siew was pretty awesome in my books. And so was the Siew Yoke. Crunchy and nice. The char siew just the kind we like - the dark sticky kind and it comes with extra black sauce if you like to drown your rice in it. I prefer to taste a bit of rice and the char siew so i can savour the sweet and salty at the same time. :)

This is not my favorite though, although this is fishball it was a bit rubbery in nature that i don't like. Still prefer my mom's version which is home made.

Overall, the whole lunch costs us about RM45, not bad though, if you eat in La Manila, it's the same price but less filling at times. So you want dose of porky -ness for lunch - check out nga choy kai.

Location: Opposite Delicious @ MidValley


  1. I love steamed chicken too, especially with the chili sauce + dark soy sauce~~ *salivating*

  2. Oh, the chicken and char siew seems not bad huh? :)

    I think the slight difference of ipoh nga choy and those in KL are the plumpiness?

  3. mimi: i love steam chicken done well otherwise.. its pretty gross! But this place -nice chook

    Jason: Yeah - awesome char siew... i think ipoh style char siew is "dark" kind... Ipoh nga choy ah.. shorter, fatter and juicer ... you are so right!

  4. man, I so looooooooooooove this place... thanks for taking me there! :)

  5. I love this place!!! Thanks for taking me there.



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