Friday, 13 February 2009

25 Random things about Neko

Ah... there is this thing running on FB that i thought i might as well write as a post. M... oiy this is my first meme so.. here goes

1. I love cats of course, but luv my two mutts even more.
2. Am a workaholic, yes admitted it. But i hate my current work - so there.. it is out there for the universe.
3. Loves sleeping as a hobby - zzzzzzz
4. Moved around alot when i was a kid, first it was section 17, then ipoh, then DU, finally Subang.
5. At this age, still has not had a wisdom tooth all out... :( means i am not wise...
6. Used to fake a stomach ache to avoid school in primary.
7. Speaks Japanese pretty well
8. Can't bloody read / speak chinese.
9. Is not romantic.... definitely.
10. Cannot sit still otherwise she... shakes legs..... (yan kiok )
11. Can cook but shy to cook at home - otherwise mom will nag...
12. Is a ... partial otaku.. aiyo anime... aishiteru...
13. Loves to have a house in Hamptons ...
14. But sadly does not have the budget
15. Was nicknamed "Cheh San" by some people - because... she drives a bit too fast at times.
16. Is afraid of sharks....
17. Doesn't feel she will ever find the "right one" but is content with current status :)
18. Regretted not spending enough time with Grandpa before he passed away..
20. Hates camwhoring...
21. Was not very clever in school - loves... flaking off and running to her activities.
23. Like M, learned piano but... sucked big time in the practical.
24. Oh.. this one is a given- loves travelling around the world!
25. Knows how to kick box.


  1. 1. Didn't know you refer to me as "M" :)
    2. You seem to have been able to write your 25 notes easily... I struggled with mine!
    3. When are you coming here lah??? :P

  2. 1. Didn't want to give away your real name
    2. Yeah i could go to 30 ... this is quite addictive actually
    3. When i find a job - busy hunting for one now ... :)

  3. Wah - go to digi ... hehehe, seems like everybody is going there. ;)

    So, if you find a job - you are taking time off first before starting the new one?

  4. Owh..I can kick box too!! Literally kicking box la...



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