Sunday, 4 January 2009

Mee Yoke @ PJ State

This is quite an old post already because i didn't get time to clear older posts due to a severe case of laziness. However, since my act of stupidity of not charging my camera *ahem* before going to dinner- didn't get a lot of food pictures this week. Thank god for backup pictures :P

I think this is my dad's all time favorite place for Mee Yoke. Or prawn mee. There were good ones in SS2 and also Lim Mee Yoke but he found this while scouting around PJ State for his Yue tau mai. Instead he found prawn mee. So after that, he insisted we try this. Ok, ok... so sometimes we have to try what he likes to eat. I hope he is not reading this.

The shop is at the corner right smack in PJ state. How... to describe ah. Never mind, let me do the food review first. I must say i remember the place because at night you can eat the loh ngap or teochew duck here. Day time it is a store for a array of hawker food under a much cleaner and cooler environment.

The prawn mee shop is in the middle, however don't sit so close to him as the heat from the pots can be overbearing. All 4 of us ordered the same thing, in varying sizes and a order of popiah to go with.
I must say the smell of the soup was quite good when it reached me. Bro was busy clicking away with his camera while i was just busy fanning myself due to the heat. I must say i did not add chilli in the above picture. It comes with this color and it is not hot as in chilli heat. I believe this is real prawn oil here. Some shops add Chilli to give you the read but this guy doesn't. If you like he can add the intestines but pass for me. I like mine normal.

Real cuts of pork as well that does not smell and a whole egg delicately sliced. Not bad actually and very tasty. One thing though, the noodles were a bit lembik already. I would like mine a bit crunchier. Mine was already small but actually this bowl was quite big. I must agree with dad that any place that has pork in their menu for Mee Yoke, is ok in our books. But... must be less hot lah this place. Despite the cooling mamak style water fans, i was still sweating buckets.

The popiah came next and though it looks ordinary, first bite - i was like wow... I could scare away any potential Edward Cullen if he came near. Yes, it was garlickly. I am not sure if that is the original taste, or was the knife that was used to cut it, was used to cut garlic as well but boy... it is garlicky. So so much so it was overpowering and i could not enjoy the actual Popiah. Spoiled! And failed!

There a lot of other food stalls you could try like pork mee or chicken rice you can pick if you don't like Mee Yoke but if you do like Mee Yoke, give this place a try. And go early. Offices around this area seem to like this place. Gets packed faster than you can say "Lottery!"

Kam Heong Restoran
8 Jalan Tengah
Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin
Petaling Jaya New Town


  1. Coincidentally, my friend had mee yoke while I had popiah too last Saturday but different place.

  2. Really? which place did you go for popiah? i am on the hunt for good popiah!



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