Thursday, 1 January 2009

Made Warung's @ Kuta

While looking at my flickr pics, i realized i forgot to post up a post on Made Warung's at Kuta, Bali. I hear this place is the place to go to. Well alot of blogs talk about this place as much as the Ibu Oka, so when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Anyway, i hate macdonalds if you all don't know by now, so what can i grab to eat and i am quite interested in trying this since everyone says it is good. A lot depends on a person's taste buds.

Made is located along the same road as the corner of Hard Rock Cafe (Jalan Pantai Kuta), keep walking and walking past a lot of polo shops and more polo shops ( i counted 10 ) before you reach this nondescript shop that is Made Warung. Now, this shop is like a 1 and 1/2 story - bottom one level and a mezzanine like floor in which is only open if the bottom is full. I am ok with bottom level. My legs were pooped after walking around Tanah Lot.

This shop has both local and western food. So much variety, i was not sure what to choose . However, it would be odd for me to order Vongole in Bali right? Must eat local food mah.I had my compulsory order of Avocado Smoothie. I cannot get enough of this drink! Anyone going to bali? Please bring me back some! I think it is just blended Avocado with added syrup and milk. Now, i find this version much better than the one i had in Jimbaran. Its just smooth and silky though it looks thick. Nice. And on such a hot day. In fact i went back twice to get the drink. Ahem.

Bro and i decided to share our dishes and we wanted rice, after sweating the whole day. So we picked a few dishes to share. I noticed something. While we were both dragging our cameras out and clicking away, there was this waiter staring at us.. like we were from planet Mars. Then when he caught me looking at him. He grinned. Must be thinking - "Jakun, take pictures of food.."

We ordered Sate Babi. Since eating wonderful sate babi in Melaka, i was hooked and always looked for places to eat this. I heard Bali had a lot, while not really wanting to try those at the street ( for fear of food poisoning ), i decided to try the one in Made. My verdict? Give me Melaka one anytime. While the taste is ok, lots of spices, the meat was a bit tough. I like to be able to bite into my meat but yet not try to do a tug of war with my mouth after that. There is no sauce like those in Malaysia since the meat is so well marinated, you really do not require that. Not top marks for this. Luckily there is no pork smell!

We liked this next dish. Curry chicken! I wonder what made us order it but it was not bad. Sauce is great. However i find peas a strange addition to this dish. One thing though, they don't use pieces of chicken as in a drumstick cut to pieces but rather they have peeled out the meat. It would be better if they had real cut pieces. I find that it will enhance the dish even more.

Now, we can't do with our greens. I find we didn't eat a lot of fruits to compensate for fiber so we had a rather humongous serving of Gado gado. I got to like this dish from my Indonesian born aunt who introduced it to me when we were in Singapore almost 20 years ago. However... i find this version either is pretty much localized or i am eating a more Malaysian/Singaporean version.

I detected kicap manis in the dish which is ok but i would want my peanut sauce more creamy... like satay sauce (*hearts*). I do like the tempeh on top though and it's not too bad. As big as it was we manage to eat about 3/4 of this dish before we felt like homer simpson.

Made is ok by my standards, it's clean and given that, i guess you know why a lot of people do come over here. Try their local food. However, give their fried noodles a miss. A lot of foreign tourist also comes to this place so if you want an early dinner - go there by 6 before it starts to crowd up. I hear the Poppies is even better than this place. However i didn't get to try it as Lil Bro was feverish the next day- .. we had Pizza hut only. But it was good! better than the ones in KL.

Here are some shots of Tanah Lot and Bedugul, that was that day's travel.
Really clear skies in Tanah Lot

Bedugul - the camerons of bali.

Ok that's all i have now. Have a good new year and let's look for a great food year ahead.


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