Sunday, 11 January 2009

Leeks are not for the meek

I love CNY because tis' the season where i have a lot of leeks to eat. Though all year round you may find it, i noticed during CNY it is quite in abundance. However, leeks i found is not everyone's favorite veggie. Called Nira in japanese, this veg has a pretty strong flavour and if you are not used to it, to some ( like lil 'bro ) it might be their version of chau tau foo. But put in soups and dishes, they add quite a nice flavor to it. Leeks are also the base of the soup for sukiyaki.

One of my family's traditions is to serve leek with siew yoke or with fish! I like the siew yoke version hands down. The basis of the dish is simple:

* Some leeks - young un's are the best
* Fresh taufu - local taufo to be exact - it tastes kinda weird with Japanese egg tofu, i prefer mine with local taufu.
* Some bean paste.
* Fresh red chilli cut into thin slices.
* Definitely- siew yoke is required

Stir fry together and add the red chilli in the end. However, in this case- we ran out of fresh chillies so we have to make do. So this new year, leek up! Make some siew yoke and taufoo for CNY reunion dinner - in case you are tired of the roast duck, roast chicken etc etc. :P


  1. I don't quite like leeks too.

  2. Aiyo why, very healthy one leh.



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