Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Ipoh Garden East Ocean Restaurant

There must be a limitation to how a long a restaurant name maybe - Ipoh Garden East Ocean Restaurant is what we call "the mouthful restaurant". We went there recently for my Grandma's b'day celebrations. Uncle from Oz came back to Ipoh as well so we made it a reunion dinner of sorts. Despite having a lot of restaurants in ipoh, this was choosen because it's near to my house in Ipoh... plus the food is not too bad here. Improved a lot since i was there about 2-3 years back. Cook change kwa....

East Ocean by the way has a few branches in ipoh, the most famous being in Menglembu where they serve crabs for their four seasons. These restaurants though not great in decor, serve good value for money food. So.. if you are looking to "pai-chau" ( wedding dinner ) ... try some ipoh restaurants *grinz*

Now, we had no set, just ordered some of our favorite foods to eat. No yee sang as well as we normally had our home made ones later.

First up, family favorite of Kwai far Cheet or Sang Choy pao. Traditionally, this is served with eggs, char siew and shark fins. Carrots and bean sprouts add color and texture to this dish. Once cooked, it is served with lettuce. Wrap the eggs in the lettuce and bit it in. The combination is heaven. The cold lettuce against the savoury contents is simply divine. We didn't however go for sharkfin but when for fish maw instead. .. a bit creepy the feeling of eating maw... but otherwise i like this dish. And despite the large dish, we wallopped it all, maw and all.

Grandma's a fish person so naturally we had a fish dish. I am not sure what fish this was but it was pretty darn good. Especially the cheeks bit. And the sauce, would be great if i had some rice.. *yumz*. Oh btw, it's only half a fish. I wonder where the other half went to. I only like the veggie in the next dish as i really, really do not like sea cucumber and the other stuff they put in this dish. Call me silly but for me this is just a no no. Despite that, the sauce was quite good and veggie is not the old broccoli as some restaurants put in.

My favorite for the day, which was garlic prawns! Garlic big head prawns to be exact. I had like 4-5 of these babies.. Yummy!! And speaking of which, this was the dish that caused me to have green fingers! I wiped my fingers on the cloth provided, turns out they dyed their cloth and the color ran on my fingers. I thought i turned alien!
At one point, my aunt remarked to me i seem to like to take arty-farty shots like below. tee-hee-hee... yeah, why not. Food must look good as well. This was quite an excellent dish and yet simple. Only gripe is despite having such a big head, there was not really a lot of meat in the prawn. It was a small prawn!

Finally, it's not birthday without birthday noodles! I so like this dish :) noodles are my favorite, had two bowls to be exact.

That was the last dish of the day before we convened for the dinner. For so many dishes, costs us about RM300 for about 8 of us. Can't really remember the address but it is near the old Parkson in Ipoh.

Oh by the way this is a late greating but Happy Niu Year everyone ... tee-hee!


  1. hahahahaha we were at Oversea Restaurant, ipoh for dinner on the eve and 2nd for this CNY! :)

  2. Wah SO Q one!! Food not bad hor..

  3. Hey, never know that you're from Ipoh too!

  4. Jason: ya loh but long time migrated to KL only my grandmas are in ipoh.



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