Monday, 8 December 2008

Hora & Complain

I am back after a week of sun and surf, not to mention eating. The sudden reality that i am back to KL and need to go back to work tomorrow is not working too well with me. You know when you are a kid, you used to fake excuses NOT to go to school. I feel like faking an excuse not to go to work now.

Bali was nice , in fact quite a nice place which i will blog about later. But right now, i need to gripe about AirAsia. This is my third time flying with AirAsia, first time to langkawi, second time to Hainan and this time around to Bali. I must admit if there are other cheaper flying options, i would have taken it. I have taken Jetstar and comparing Jetstar to AirAsia, i think Jetstar wins hands down.

What's my beef with AirAsia?

The hot food menu can only last about say- 5-10 rows?
The food. Yes, many people have complained before on the food - even this famous blogger. Some how or rather i think there is much room for improvement in this area. Even though with the improved menu that was recently changed to provide more choices. Well- choices are fine as long as you have the quantity to go with it.

My first flight to langkawi didn't qualify us for food anyway, so no griping. But when we went to Hainan recently, i was well and truly pissed with the food.

Firstly we have those nice menus telling us of our choice of Satay with rice or nice lemak and roti jala. However if you want to put nice menus with pictures of food - PLEASE ensure you have enough stock to go around! What's the point of having a menu if after serving 5 - 10 rows, you tell your customers - sorry i have no more nasi lemak or Satay rice left?? I could see a lot of pissed off people in the plan that day that were forced to eat things they do not really like.

What is worse is - you can't bring your own food aboard. Take a tip from Jetstar- if you cant serve us anything better -please let us bring our own stuff up on the plan. To be frank, it's not like i am craving to eat the food there, most of the time i eat because i need to eat in flights. I also do not expect caviar and such to be on such flights but heck, at least if you are advertising this on your menu, please make it available!

No Hot food at all in the plane
And what really annoyed me more during my flight back to KL from Denpasar- There was not even hotmeals available. I wonder why? All we had was sandwiches and cup noodles on the plane! In fact the sandwiches finished around row 9 after distribution. I wonder what people in row 10 onwards had to eat? Nuts? Plus, the cup noodles ain't cheap ok? Don't they bother to stock up after each refuel stop? Or is the food only available for people who book it online and not for ala-carte.

Needless to say i was cranky on the way back - and after eating my noodles- i decide to sleep it off in a rather cramped seat. I sometimes wonder - why a small size person like me gets stuck next to a big size kwailo. Luckily he didn't ask to go toilet- otherwise there will be a lot of squeezing and pushing past me.

After my experience - do you think i will continue to fly air asia? Unfortunately yes and all because of prices that is offered. However i hope there is some improvement here. I was a bit disappointed Jetstar no longer flies to Kl - I thought it one of the better low cost flight carriers. I am targeting Hong Kong as my next choice of destination. I hope there is some improvement by that time. *grumble*


  1. Hmmm...this is a bit worrying. We are flying back to KL with AirAsia. Flights were under $500 per person, after paying airport tax, fuel surcharge (this was booked quite a while ago), luggage (25kg) and meals. Hopefully, if we've already paid for the meals, and this is a 7 hour flight, they're not going to run out of food. :P

  2. As long as you paid for their food i think it is ok - they have a record of it. But the rest of it if you are not - YOU EAT MAGGI!!

  3. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Tony made me hungry.

  4. dun think tony listening to us.



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