Sunday, 30 November 2008

Me lup Mee

I must admit i am a lazy blogger sometimes. :) sometimes it is not that i don't have inspiration but i am lazy to turn on the computer. In my line of work, every day when you look at this square box the whole day, you don't want to look @ it further. When i come back i normally want to look at the other dumb box which is the TV. :) Chasing Hong Kong dramas can be addictive at times.

Anyway, eating out these days are some what lessen due to late work nights and more healthy eating ( eating at home ). However, once in a while my mom does make something nice and special for weekends. Her mee dishes are quite nice. Now, she used to make Cantonese Wat Tan alot last time. Ying Yong version with either yee mee or kuay teow. However, since her cholestrol war, she looks for alternative noodles that has not so much fat or too oil fried.

The wet market in Taman Tun is one place you can find a noodle shop that sells noodle as such. Presenting - Yee Meen that is not fried :) And it looks like the above. All roundish and blockish. I am not sure how they do it but it is definitely not fried. All you need to do is put it in hot water for a while and then it softens and you are ready to cook it with your wat-tan soup or sauce.

And the end result - looks like this :) simple wat tan. Enough for 4 hungry persons. Add some sotong, chicken, lots of veggies in my case and prawns of course. Note the sauce requires a base of chicken stock and just add egg and corn flour, soy sauce to thicken and season and - walah - wat tan.

Who says eating healthy has no taste at time? :) I don't think so.

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