Sunday, 16 November 2008

I love pork series#2- Mr Ho's fine food - formerly@ midvalley

Yes, this is an old post. Mr Ho has already moved to Solaris Hartamas! However, i have been having some motivation spells to write of late. Digging back my old pictures, i found some of these shots. Actually i feel i discovered this place a bit late. It's been at middo for ages and only about 2-3 months before they moved out we started eating there. Talk about the life long saying that you only know a good thing when it becomes too late. Only saving grace is that yes, you can still eat mr ho's only that you need to go a bit further.

If you ever wonder where this place was- it was next to burger king. An
d if i recall, this place was always fully packed by pork lovers alike. We walked into the place greeted by a really enthusiastic headwaiter ( i guess you can call him that ) and the proceeded to try and get us try a few things which the shop specializes in. Actually what does the shop specialize in? Well meats actually and pork in particular. It's like a local version of Jarrod and Rawlins, which includes being a gourmet butcher and has dining in their shop.

Now, after running through the menu, made our selections and waited. Slowly, more and more people streaked into the shop to eat. Luckily, we were early.

While waiting, our friendly head waiter decided to give us a free taste of the their mushroom soup in a tiny cup. Tiny Cup it is! So chi-chai ( Chi-chai - means tiny in japanese ). Each of us can have a sip. But it was not bad, nice. Not the can made stuff we get from campbell. You can taste the fresh mushrooms and black pepper bits inside. Sorry not so nice pictures here - lighting sucked and i didnt bring my DSLR.

Not long after that our meals arrived - :) - if i had a tail, it be wagging. Wagging furiously as well. The smell was enticing.. First up was my dad's simple Siew Yoke fan. I believe this the most pricey siew yoke fan he has eaten. It's RM19.90. However, he was exteremely pleased with the 2 rows of siew yoke. And he woofed it down pretty fast as well. It's a pretty simple dish with just some steamed vegetables and rice provided. The meat was tasty enough to complement the plain white rice and veggies. Dad gives it his two thumbs up. Since writing this- we were back 2-3 times before they moved to Solaris.

Mom, not a fan of pork due to fat, chose the seafood combo. She doesnt like shellfish like me so the nice headwaiter substituted more fish for her. I thought she was quite pleased people a
re able to cater for her eating needs. Actually i tried some of the noodles here and it was excellent. Nice and tangy enough without being oily. As you can see below- she can't wait for me to take the pictures- eat first, shoot later. *Go away - child*.
I had siew yoke in aglio pasta, was a bit conventional in terms of name but taste wise sensational. I wonder if the person who discovered pasta would think the combination of siew yoke and pasta would think. :). Actually i first ate aglio many years ago and i like it much better than creamy pasta sauces, second to my other fav which is tomato based sauces. Yummy. Thank goodness they did not give too many pieces of siew yoke otherwise i will feel very jelak. Enjoying a good thing is one thing but too much of it is not good at all. Despite the size of the dish, i manage to finish this.

Brother had a version with tiger prawns + siew yoke. Almost the same as my plate only with prawns.
I guess it must be good cause he didnt say much, just devoured it all.

Unfortunately, since Mr Ho has moved to Solaris- i have not been there in ages. Well. I haven't figure out how to go there yet. Anyway, if you happen to chance on Mr Ho and have a porky craving, this is the place for you. Pork, pork, pork. Oh, besides siew yoke, they have pork knuckles, sausages etc. The menu at Mr Ho that time was reasonable at that time but hopefully when they are in Solaris, there will be a more extensive menu.

Ok, i can wait to go back there.. now if only i know how to go Solaris....

No locale for this shop - cant find the new add as well.


  1. Em... Solaris is somewhere near Mont Kiara right?

  2. I think so leh...... not sure how to get there lol... i think i saw it past a highway before. On the way back to Ipoh

  3. Never thought siew yoke can pair with pasta , hehe ^.^

  4. Yups it is divine!



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