Sunday, 21 September 2008

Restaurant Paramount- Sg Wang

I have been neglecting my blog recently because ... really.. i have been having much time to blog. By the time i get home, i am so lazy to turn on the computer! :(. I only want to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz at times. However this weekend i am feeling a lot less sleepy and lazy, so hey let's blog!

I went to a "designer" sale organized by valiram group recently, hoping to erm, get a cheap coach. However, let it be said that... sales are overrated in
malaysia. There is nothing really worth buying but for the experience of it... i think i learn that never trust sales in Malaysia. While debating what to eat, i mentioned to lil bro ( who by the way manage to score some designer ties! cheap! ) that lyrical lemongrass mentioned that there is cheap sang har meen in Sg Wang, we immediately trashed the idea of eating in Pavillion. Yes, we do like cheap places to eat at times.

So, armed with just the restaurant name, we started our "treasure" hunt for this place in the midst of Sungai Wang. Finally found it... actually bro found it when he saw a shop with roast duck/pork/ offals hanging up, while waiting to be chopped. "That must be it" he claimed. Now, ladies, if you are planning to come to this place on your own, don't. Bring a friend. The place is nestled at the back of level 2 in Sg Wang with a lot of dodgy looking shops and some tha
t make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..

The shop is like those you see in SS2 or around Jalan Alor. Not pretty, and basically smoky. People come here for cheap mixed rice and reasonable meals. You can observe that a lot of people eating here are those working around here. And if you are not partial to ciggies smell, you may not like this place.

We ordered a plate of Sang Har Meen ( at RM9.80 ) for 2 perso
ns. And our drinks that costs us about 3.50 in total. Ta-da.... here it is. It's not the fantastically huge prawns you see in green view or King Crab but it is just as sweet and tasty. In my opinion, it is even much better than King Crab's version.

Prawns were juicy and succulent, even though small. The noodles were just right, with enough sauce to cover. It feels like what good sang har meen should feel like, springy without being tough.

My votes for this place, even though the ambiance is lacking. There are a lot of other dishes you can try besides the sang har meen. It is however listed in the menu as RAW PRAWNS noodle. Just for those desperately looking for the word sang har meen. :)

How to get there? In case you are lost in the maze of Sg Wang, go to the counter and grab their tenants directory listing. Cheap food and tasty food, deserves some credit at times.

Paramount Restaurant,
Lot AS-120, Level 2
Sungai Wang Plaza,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Hmmm... I'd like to have some sang har meen. :9 Coming back in March for a week... take me someplace with sang har meen??? :)

  2. gladly :) the one above is not bad but like i said. Ambiance lacking -lol.

  3. Glad you managed to find the place. ;-) It's so strange to find a shop like that in Sg. Wang, hor?

  4. yar nor... but worth the "hunt" i wonder what else hidden treasures there are in sg wang. Thanks for your tips!



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