Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Pick N' Brew - 1U

My dog ( Russell-boy) just discovered durians. ( He is a 1 year some terrier russell cross mix with dunno what ) and boy he no like the smell!! My brother purposed ( here comes the gross bit ) burped into his puppy face and boy he ran like the wind. We laughed so hard till we cried. Poor puppy!!

The post anyway is not about pups suffering durian attacks from us but is about Pick N' Brew. I heard and read a lot about this place but have never successfully attempted to come here. There were always some reasons why i could not make it to this shop. Either with Mashi or Couzin, the results were the same. Reasons - unknown. One day, Parents decided to desert us and me and my brother normally get a bit more adventorous.

So, we decided Pick N' Brew 1U so we can eat and shop at the same time. I love this eat and shop concept :). Now, the place, you know is above SOHO in the old wing. And i find it a tad too hidden. However it is very close to the spanking new One World hotel in which you can walk over to use the loo... like i did. Ahem. And they were very nice loos compared to the horrors you normally get at shopping centers.

My Coffee

Firstly since this is a coffee place we must order coffee and in many of my posts, i seldom feature drinks unless it is outstanding. Lil Bro other the american and i normally fancy my vanilla latte. Yes, i take vanilla latte in starbucks, glorias and coffee bean. I am boringly predicatable when it comes to coffee. Bro's American was ... "keng" the least to say. It's pretty strong for a coffee called american. All coffees come with some biscotti which i like :)

My bro's kheng coffee

Oh, they served lovely bread with olive oil & balsamic vinegar

Mains came next. For some reason i was hungry and decided to go for lasagne. Which i rarely order because it is so cheesy and heavy. My brother decided he wanted meat and Fillet Mignion was what he ordered.

So, i was pleasantly suprised when my lasagne came and it was not cheesey. Actually it was just nice. With the right hint of cheese and fresh tomato sauce. The taste was pretty exquiste in my lasagne books. Better than pizza uno, also much better than fasta pasta. Lasagne that is most closest in my books to the real italian style.

My brother's fillet mignon is like a work of art. All nicely piled up, UNTIL he discovered brussel sprouts underneath it. His first expression was urgh. And pilled it to my plate after. AP
A NIE!! Unfortunately neither of us really like brussel sprouts but since i don't have veggie in my dish, i ate it. Grudgingly. Brussel sprouts aside, the meat was lovely. Tender and tasty.

Lovely shot of the fillet mignon - if i say so myself *grinz*

Besides the brussel sprouts, we found asparagus and carrots- yes, i am still obsessed with the shots.

And sprouts.

Despite it was initially quite, after we started eating, more people started to flow in, means good food is easily found despite the corner location. I give this place a thumbs up and i finally have faith in food found in 1U :) besides bakerzin, delicious etc. I know many people have blogged about this place, as usual i am the last to try - LOL but then i think it deserves two paws up! :) I had good food, nice quite time and i am definitely making a return trip. Hopefully with more people - hint to father. if you read my blog. :P

Pick n’ Brew
F233, First Floor Promenade,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Petaling Jaya.


  1. Nice pics! Funny to read the part about your dog. I did the same thing to my dog once but unlike you dog, he loves the smell! You probably guessed what happened next! ;-p

  2. Hmmm, after that incident, i try another tactic with my dog. Now he is a durian fan. And thanks for the complements :)



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