Sunday, 1 June 2008

Tomoe @ SS15 Subang Jaya

My brother and i particularly hate F1 nights in our house. F1 nights? Nights where we have Formula 1 races on the tv. Don't get me wrong, i love "ahem" mclaren ( hides after saying this ) but food wise, i know my mom is way to occupied with Lewis hamilton than whipping up something yummy for us. But count it her day off, bro and i normally find other food to eat during this... barren period. i hope my mum does not read this - LOL.

Feeling a bit more expensive, we opted to try the new japanese restaurants that have been sprouting up in Subang Jaya. Let's see now, counting USJ as well we have Kinpachi, Hyotan, Rakuzen, Tomoe, Ogawa, Sumo ( yup u heard me right ), Agefuku, Ryu Men Tei and one i cannot remember the name, it's like little tokyo in Subang. I am happy :) only bring more takuya kimura look alike here *cough*.

Tomoe is the second newer one opposite SJMC and it even has it is mini valet parking thingy. Since it was dinner, we were ushered upstairs... and this is what i call service. People press the lift button for you :) i am so not used to service like this. Lil Bro asked " can we use the stairs? " the waiter gently told us to use the lift as it is better for customers.... naruhodo......
Tomoe has open spaced seating, counter seating for those who enjoy watching the cook whip up some sashimi and if you want privacy, i think there are about 6 private tatami rooms. At this point, lil bro whispered " is this an expensive place??" - too late lah- we are already in the restaurant.

Anyway, Tomoe has a quite a large menu- looking at some of it i was a bit puzzled what to order. They don't have a good range of noodles neither they have any bento sets for dinner( so tough luck those who want to eat bento ) but their yakimono range is pretty good. And, this is the first restaurant i see serving - CURRY :) [ I like japanese curry ] Lil' Bro was a tad disappointed he had no bento so to make up for it, had to call a wee bit more dishes.

At this point, since we are early, the place was pretty quiet and i proceed to snap as many pictures as i felt like it. (^_^)/.

Our first order of the day - The soft shell crab roll ( soft shell kewab, ebiko and lots of veg) . Our favorite non raw (somewhat) rice roll. Poor Lil Bro almost ordered the temaki - thinking the temaki is cheaper until i told him it is one big one... so he settled for the maki ( which is 4 pieces ). This was not bad. There was a lot of ebiko stuffed with this and this is the first time i have eaten slightly warm sushi. I suspect the soft shell kewab is freshly fried, hence making it warm. Which was not bad. Oh. if you need wasabi- please ask it is not standard for this. They give ginger but not wasabi. For me, i like the flavor well enough to ignore my usual need for wasabi.
Next, we ordered teriyaki saba grilled to perfection. It is indeed a very generous piece of fish. One small grouse is that, it was drowning a bit in teriyaki sauce. However, that aside, the piece of fish was definitely fresh. I normally don't eat fish skin but then but this piece was so well done - can't help but crunch on it. ...

Our usual favorite of Sukiyaki - beef sukiyaki that is. This is actually quite a large pot of beef in a sweet soup. Egg is added seperately ( which we did but did not cook until the last bit ). Though a lot of beef, we would like more shiritaki noodles in it :P tee-hee - not enough for the both us but quite a lot of moo-moo was given. By the way, they are very generous with the enoki mushrooms - see the pic above - alot of the white little things.
My usual fav - goma ice cream
Yuzu sorbet- citrus sorbet - sorry pic blur forgot to set macro mode

At this point, someone thought he is still hungry, so we got the menu and ordered a bowl of garlic fried rice and dessert. Surprisingly - dessert came faster than the fried rice. .... You should see the confused expression of me and my brother. Now, since the dessert came, of course we must eat try it, thought it sounds a bit strange. I must say the citrus sorbet is quite good. This comes rm10 a pop. With a mixture of many citrus fruits, sweet and sour at the same time it is good to take after a heavy meal.

And then, finally garlic fried rice appeared. By this time, i am pretty full and the serving was pretty large. Taste wise - i prefer mizu's fried rice. This one some how was a bit too peppery for me so it killed the garlic taste.

Taste wise, this place is not too bad. Price wise - the total for the above including the service tax and government tax was about RM120. Which to me is quite a shocker. However, i do not mind coming back here on the occasions in which something special is called for. Excluding F1 nights. Definitely.

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P/S: Do not mention FERRARI in my house. Won't live to walk out of it. nyek-nyek.
P/S 2: The waitresses are japanese - first time i have seen japanese waitresses in KL.

The Locale:
Tomoe Japanese Restaurant
No.1, Jalan SS15/5A
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel No: 03 - 5633 5919


  1. looks like u havent had enuf of jap food after the holidays...

    looks classy from the pic..wouldnt hesitate to try dis..despite the lack of BENTO sets..

  2. hehe, seems like it doesn't it. Except tempura- i have sworn off it for a while....

  3. Wow.Another new Japanese Restaurant.Quite unique all the designs and foods. Will go check it out =)

  4. jeromefo: thanks for dropping by. U a fan of japanese food? Yeah this place is not too bad. Not the price ya

  5. We love garlic rice, they are done so beautifully!

  6. Used to visit someone who stays beside SJMC last time and been noticing this place everytime.

    But haven't tried it yet.

    Surely the environment looks cool

  7. BBO: Yeah the rice was nice... but i was so full i couldnt taste it too well.

    Bacterium: Yes it is, if you can get the private rooms even better! but food vice not bad... (^_^)V

  8. hey.. i've always pass by this restaurant,but hv nvr tried it..

    is it halal? meaning no pork,wine..

  9. @hawa: yes it is... :) and thanks for dropping by



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