Saturday, 3 May 2008

The Cat does Company Events.....

I must admit, my boss is getting better at her delegation. In our direct report meeting, she just told me off hand - "take care of the cake - we had enough of secret recipe ". Which i don't blame her, because since the dawn of time, in all department meetings we had only SECRET RECIPE. So instead of tasking the same person to provide the desserts, my boss decided she needed "CHANGE". My poor AA, i think normally gets cake there because that is the closest to the office for her. Oh btw, cakes were for our monthly birthday celebrations.

Planning food for my department is indeed a mammoth task. The biggest hurdle - M.
O.N.E.Y and the biggest "yue-kau" must be tasty. Sometimes you need a balance of both. With raising food prices, it is hard to actually get good food and value for money. After some frantic surfing and all, i decided to call on my fav blog visitor for "HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". This is the first time i spoke to Sid ( of BBO) on the phone and a few calls and few smses later, the cakes were ordered. I was pleased. And mostly relieved. Job done.

The morning before presentation, i was a bundle of nerves. Normally, i have no issue planning events related to food. Planning such things needs to ensure that your food matches and ba
lances. If you have a heavy mains, then dessert must be lightish and a bit tangy in taste, however, today i completely forgot to ask the AA what was the mains... panic attack #1. Panic Attack # 2- Forgot to ask Sid if there were candles in the cake.... I started to walk around KL Sentral station looking for candles - AIYA dun have. Quickly smsed him and he replied quickly "Got, but 1 only each cake". Phew, larkee!!

Then i started worried about how my team will react to new tastes. Let me tell you, the
people i work with have extremely fussy taste.... arggh panic attack #3. Presentation started then... i was getting nervouser and nervouser. ... ( if there is such a word) ... Finally, the cake was reveled to the team .... there were oohs and aahs........ I tell you, decoration is every thing - it was so pretty, i dare not eat it.

I got two cakes in case there was not enough. Sid was very nice, he actually was the one that recommended the choices of cakes for me. L'Opera was my first choice from looking at BBO's catalog. Sid recommended O'Chocolate which is a combination chocolate and orange.

My fears were unnecessary. The cakes were brought down to the break out area to cut it. While there was other food there ( like nasi lemak biasa ), i must say the cakes were star of the day. I quickly grabbed a piece first before the sharks attack it. :P. My favorite is definitely L'Opera. Look at the lovely layers. I am not sure what was in the cake - chocolate is definitely there but the combination makes for an extremely unique taste. (Sorry, not so flattering 1/2 eaten shot- i was so curious to taste it ). Everyone gave this their THUMBS UP!! Even my boss who is not really fond of sweet stuff - loved it. Cake has finally been seen in a different light in my office - tee hee.

No pictures of O'Chocolate cut - but i manage to eat some before the hungry hordes finished. The latter was a favorite with a lot of ladies for some reason. Perhaps it was the light cake feeling and unique pairing of chocolate and orange. ( Eh, i hope i not wrong with the ingredients ah!!)

Macaroons were quite yummy a well. I am so touched the cake seems so perfectly made with so much effort in it. Wah, happy happy person that day, that this went well. By the way, i had one colleague LTC who took a macaroon and told the girls loudly - this is nice! :) i was truly amused by the boys in the office for enjoying desserts throughly. Staff No 1 of mine had the most helpings of cake. This, coming from a guy who is extremely fussy. I also wonder .... will i get a promotion for this? LOL!!

All in all, Big Boys Oven is a hit in my company :) - sigh, job done for this round, the next round .... i will be the same bundle of nerves. Many thanks to Sid and Sunny for such excellent cakes, i really loved the cakes. By the way, a lot of them ask what is that fruit u used for the decoration? Everyone is very puzzled with it and no one knew what it was. Anyway, just in case it is not obvious enough: Visit BBO for great cakes! Cakes that make every one go oooh and aaaaahs and tastes - FANTASTIC!

P/S: Neko does part time food planning - hehehe..... anyone interested email me - payment - treat me to good food :)
P/S 2: Now my other job also includes being unofficial camerawoman ..... another delegation. -________-"


  1. Ya ke??? i thought it was something else



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